Monday , March 20 2023

Harvard astronomers report an extraterrestrial team that has been sent to investigate the planet


An extraterrestrial culture sent a spacecraft to investigate on Earth. We found it to be a asteroid, and astronomers suggested one of the best universities in the world.

Published an article published by two Harvard Stargages. The asteroid of the cigarette-shaped aluminum that passed through the solar system last year, tried to explain the speed and direction as it was shot on Earth's surface.

Shuammal Bielli and Abraham Lowe from Harvard's Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics suggested that a long asteroid had an artificial origin.

Ouumama is an observer who travels from the planet of alien culture to the earth.

Will this be an alien broadcast? Osteru & Oumuamua is still discussing its origin (Figure Gati)

Click & # 39; Remember & # 39; Their research suggests that there are many explanations for the formation. A new & # 39; class & # 39; s of space objects. As it is considered.

Earth was about 196,000 miles around the sun, about half a mile. NASA also said that there was no natural material in the solar system's largest ratio.

Initially, Ouãua appeared to speed up the astronomers to prove it was a comet. These ice crystals accelerate a process called bark, in which the sun heats a comet and causes the gas to be released.

But their paper, Harvard's stormers, seemed likely to be an active comet.

Sun Production & # 39; Solar Radiation Pressure & # 39; But suggested that it's more and more strange to explain the acceleration. Have made suggestions.

See this NASA graphic & # 39; That shows the amazing movement

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A cigarette designed asteroid will also conduct an overseas investigation with the Ouuuuma crash engine.

It's a big, very thin sheet & # 39; Lite Sail & # 39; Pair indicate that it is possible to be a spacetime.

While traveling through the Solar System, it was ultimately broken down. It was a space break in the occupation.

Considering a synthetic origin, a single energy is a light, flowing from an advanced technological device into the interstellar space, and astronomers continue.

& # 39; similar lines of light line have been designed and produced by our own civilization, including the IKAROS Project, StarShot Initiative

& Litezite technology can be used to transport a lot of planets or stars into cargo transit.

They said extraterrestrial cultures were extracting freight from ships. Andy & # 39; Ouvravu & # 39; Like space missions.

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