Tuesday , August 9 2022

Has Max Vestasten avoided the collapse of Esteban O'Connell? Louis Slater breaks the Brazilian's GP Series


ADid you say dead rubber bored? Max Weersthagen also made two-thirds of Grand Prix in Brazil. The Red Bull team's strategy was their strategy. Though it started in fifth place, the Dutch won a great victory.

At the age of 40, he led Paul-Sitter under Lewis Hamilton. Prior to that, Ferrari of Sebastian Vetatum, Kimi Raikkonen, and Mercedes-Benz of Mercedes. It was in a desperate car from a half of a second off the police.

As the Dutch pursued his Mexican victories in Brazil, as the Dutch pursued three seasons in the season. On May 44, however, collision with Eustaan ​​Oakonon ended.

The Force India driver tried to fix the problem when turning two. Two cars were blowing up, and under the guidance of Harman, Warrenen made a huge loss on his car's floor.

Verstappen, to understand, was angry. The "Audiogram" label was later labeled radio in the Oakon team. Both of them called the vagimenters. Onon, who finished fifth in the on-track event, was fined 10 second. After Weststern, the dispute over the race received public services in the direction of the FIA ​​for two days.

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