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I will be launching a Celebrity 2018: Holly Verbibee experiences nervousness

Holly sent a message to one direction in the morning (image: ITV)

Holly Willow Toby reveals that it's not a fun I'm not game for games with a fun … Get Me Out Of Here! A wonderful video message on this mall.

She is also taking revenge on the Australian Gold Coast as she takes over from Ann McParthlin. They sent a message to check up on Philip Schofield and Rosel Hummes during IT Day.

You can see in a beautiful and brilliant bridge, which is missing from this show, she said: Hi! Hello Royal! This is me! In the Australian jungle. I came to safety and sound, and I moved into my new home.

Realizing Holi in Wild Life (Picture: ITV)

& # 39; s amazing. It's very beautiful. For nature, it's not a good thing, I'm okay right. & # 39;

Mammootty had said that he was living his son-in-law: "I have seen a cowboy – I've sent a footage of that piece. It was only a little, but it was the spider's real life. I raise toilet seats wherever I go. I'm checking in my shoes. & # 39;

Throughout the chat, she often wings on her wing.

I first joined Holly Joey in the forest for Celeb stands (Fig: ITV)

& # 39; s something in my hand! Everywhere you have good things. They run that bite. All bite. I want to eat everything, "she warned.

After that the calls must have hell.

She had a sneak peek of Bush Tucker trials in the Hollywood rioters. She added: & # 39; We did some kind of rehearsal-b bits. I've been testing a bus tucker. Okay, I did not do it, but I have seen it. So I have seen crocodile and crocodiles. & # 39;

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When this year's line-up was called & # 39; amazing & # 39; s, she added: If I feel confident, the famous people should be more damaging. & # 39;

She ended her message: & # 39; I love you too much and I miss you, I hope you enjoy the first show. I love you!

I'm a celebrity … get me from here! ITV begins this Sunday at 9pm.

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Scarlett Mohftt agreed to star in the movie '' Max McParthlin ''.

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