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Jury Park, the winner of Euromillers, wants to give £ 60,000 a year


After spending 1 million pounds at the age of 17, the park ran into titles throughout the world.

Since then, the news has made news of the fortune.

There are luxury holidays, fashion accessories, a bob job, and Brazilian bum lift are some of the things in Jane Street.

Now, the lottery billionaire hopes to buy his love.

The park (23) receives money from a partnership in failed relationships only after her departure.

Jane Park

Eurozone Salons: Jane Park earned 1 million pounds at the age of seventeen (Pic: Instagram)

A source told Mirror about how the film would be screened for a documentary.

Sori said: "Jane is amazing, hence she can give herself but since she has been successful she has found herself alone.

"She is not sure whether she is for her or her bank balan.

"So she will be in an open approach.

Jane Park Jordan Pighot

Counter: Jane is filmed by her former footballer Bourou Jordan Piaggot (Pic: PA)

Jane Park

Enhanced: Jane Park spends a fortune in her body (Pic: Instagram)

"Jane has a somewhat insecurities and concern about the people's intentions.

"She is willing to give a loyal one the right price."

X Factory -Indian Sam Kalahan Park has been parked in 2016.

The Jordanian civil war with adolescents ended after months.

Jane Park

Contemporary: Urology winner reported in a bundle of plastic surgery (Pic: Instagram)

"She loves love"


At the beginning of this year the park was not ready to tell her luck.

They are in BBC He talked with Radio Scotland: "This is a question that asks everyone.

"I'm not going to a television or phone, but now I'm getting well, I'm sure people who've read me know me for the first time.

"I bought a few homes and I did a bit of it and it's better to get it better so I'm staying comfortable now 22."

The lottery operators believed that they were threatened before the baby, and believed that it was too young to pay ticket.

Jane Park

Good: Jane she's fine (Pic: Instagram)

The legal age required to buy a ticket to age 18.

She also revealed that she had spent all the money that had not exceeded the family.

"It's very easy to spend money, you realize how easy it is for you.

"I had two cosmetic surgeries, I bought shopping, handbag, shoes and stuff."

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