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Law Roker should not visit the UK tour. Nobody came to see


A California metal band was burned to fire a fan of a fan of a British tour.

Bird, Threat, and a single persistent juromus are several fraudulent lies, including a bag booking agent, record label, hundreds of ticket sales, and thousands of social media followers. .

UK The band's band was allowed to take the series of headlines for a series.

Rob Moor told a four-person audience with Newcastle in New Trade, saying in singing garden ponging dogsfilth that "he tried to portray himself as a great star" was very spectacular.

There is no such thing in every aspect of music involved.

The video encouraging the Los Angeles Band's Breaking the World Tour is the closest photographs of this man, and displays the scene from large images from the stadium's scene before worshiping the fans.

The "Official Video" produced by the house for a Single Living Is Dynamic, featuring jard singing or breaking mirror shorts, drums, basss, and guitar players.

In Camden, 291 offered advanced ticket sales. A support band found that everyone who claimed to attend the event's Facebook page were in Brazil.

The Brighton-based talas of saratkalattinitayil girrarsrrayi trimensumayi Tom King, to play on the rrtrinil said: "We have given the money to go to the gauge train from brairranil, so it opens the opportunity to network was down soon. We are all quite good Pocket aleasarappetuttiyatum Nnuman.

"We were half way to go home," he added.

There is a similar story in the other venues of the Tours.

Moore, who has spent the last 35 years using dogsflesh, said: "It's odd, I've never seen anything like this."

In the Bristol, the venue manager Ivan Best offered the place to sell 180 tickets. However, two-thirds of the capacity of the plot was sold. But it wanted to include an audience only for supporting bands and staff.

"That does not mean, there is no final game, and it's a gorgeous dress." In the movie Girl & # 39; the choir went to a cash point and said he would withdraw hundreds of pounds for venue hair costs.

The exchange venue is helping to earn money as "everyone's money" for planning a program now.

"There are a lot of British occupations that have a lot of money and time spent for logical artists, and for such people they need to get out, or not," wrote Castro, Threatin on the Facebook page.

The music website Metal Sax also reported that Agent StageRight and Record Label, supertive music recording used to promote and promote the tournament. There is no online presence in any of the clients listed on their sites.

Jared Thrimin – whose real name is unknown – did not respond to the comment. He canceled the last UK Festival in Belfast on Sunday, November 11. The rest of European dates have been removed from social media accounts.

"If you bought a ticket show ticket, you could get refunds at the time you both bought," wrote the Belfast Empire in their official Twitter account.

All three of the social media accounts are locked or disabled, and the band's website has sunk the details.

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