Sunday , March 26 2023

Like Manchester United stun junetus Manchester City, Real Madrid's big Champions League wins


James Matha's 86th minute had a chance to win both competitions after winning the free kick.

Within minutes of completion, the tournament was completed when Lonardo Bonichy's goal was scored. United boss Jose Mourinho finally came home supporting fielding.

Former Inter Coach has commented on the humiliating response from his followers in Juhu. In Italy, Italy is now two points behind Italy.

They dishonored me in an Italian town in a 90-minute long, and I did not insult them and did a little bit against me, "Mourinho told BT Sports.

"We are a big success, not because we need a point, but because it's out of the house against a wonderful team."

Messi's 3-1 win over bronze medal went to Valencia.

Roger Azaleel beat Sari Mina in the doubles second round. Young men who were sent to Sanaco were not qualified now.

Controversy sterling penalty

At the Ittihad Stadium, under scrutiny of financial transactions in a series of football leaks, there was no less drama.

The goals scored by David Silva and Riaz Mahrass celebrated the victory. There was a stammer from Rahim sterling. There is a penalty for playing a football tournament in the box.

Jesus scoothed a spot kick on his pen, two penalty. By the end of this month, City will lead to Leon. The city should have a safe haven for the last 16 locations.

"Unfortunately we are not worthy, but we are very close and we try to keep this level," said Guardiola.

If Leone does not give the lead to two goals, he scores 2-2 to 10th Halfhahine.

Fucker and Tangki Nodbele put the French club ahead of 2-0. In the second half, German cosy was eliminated.

Lyon missed out on the pitch to beat Pyle Caleb.

Benzema Rs 200

Madrid's European champions Madrid have no difficulty against Madrid's Victorian Plaza. Karim Benzema won 5-0.

Clarke crashed out of four. Benfica's clubs are 200 goals away from the club. In the first half, Kasimiro and Gareth Bail reached the target. Tony Cross completed with a spring chip.

After the assignment of Madrid, three winners Santiago Solari are now supervised. The spatization of the G-group in the group stays with Rowe.

It defeated CSKA Moscow, Costas Manolulu and Lorenzo Pellegrini in the 2-1 win over Itorner Cigurdsson's Ecuador.

The CAA, which has removed Herdour Magsons, still has the potential to score a qualifying round. Plenz was dismissed.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich and Robert Lavandowski have two goals in the group A. The first penalty was won by his 2-0 deficit Aysen's 100th European Championship.

Ajax is in progress well. Benfica is the fourth runner up partner in the 1-1 draw in Portugal. The Duane tade reminded Jonas Benfica in front of Taddy.

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