Tuesday , August 16 2022

Liverpool: Dyssey is targeted by Arsenal's fans following the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain injury. Football | Sport


In the Champions League semi-finals last season, Reds Starc won over Rome 5-2 in the last season.

He did not expect the launch of the current campaign, but confirmed that his recovery was going well and it was a positive comeback.

Asked whether he would play this season, he said on the Liverpool website: "I hope.

"My next goal is to build more in the gym and can start outdoors and start plowing on the pitch.

"Perhaps two months running, this is not my favorite thing, so when you pull out the ball it will be much easier.

"I'd like to have a show before the end of the season, if I want it depending on what we do – I'm sure it will not be.

"When I get back, I'm not going to be full of racing or fully absent, but it's a good way to get some of the scenes at the end of the season, and perhaps more mentally I can do it. Get a good pre-season and start a new season next season."

The club's 24-year-old medical staff and fans are in a difficult time.

He is a character he has gained from Arsenal's supporters as a former club.

We can not believe that he is injured again, or that he / she is always injured. But Oxlada-Chamberlain revealed that I had suffered serious injuries in the past.

"But I'm hurt here and not only positive feedback from my fans but they're not very grateful for me, because they take me every day to look for their patience and support."

Liverpool lost in the Premier League season.

The Jurgen Clan came second in Champions League champions and leaders in Manchester City.

However, England is the best way to reclaim international flight after the interagency posted an encouraging video.

The Oxlade-Chamberline was kick-ups prior to making a sharp shot with the left foot.

He added a title: "At least the Left still works, even if the right peg is not perfect."

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