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The United States will start voting on congressional mid-term elections on November 6th.

The seizures represent one-third of the Senate and all sessions of the House of Representatives, the chambers of the two congresses.

Votes indicate that Democrats have a good chance of getting home, but the senate is likely to remain in the Republican leadership, and in a final effort to keep the house with the GOP, President Donald Trump has taken revenge on the campaign trail.

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Saturday, November 3

3:30 update: Young voters do not want to participate

In the last few days before the mid-term elections, many young people claim they do not want to vote.

Some of them said they did not have an identifier that the state accepts as an identifier, while others say there is too much work.

Others also say that they do not see the importance of voting, and some say that they will only be in 2020.

2: 228am update: Cohen claims Trump said black people were "stupid"

In Vanity Fair's interview, Trump's former lawyer is a so-called "stupid" black man.

Mr Cohen said, "I told Trump that the rally vanilla on television.

"Trump replied, "This is because the blacks are too stupid to vote."

1:30 update: Trump compares the mass with Obama

In his speech at Indianapolis, Trump noted the size of President Barack Obama's weight.

He said: "Barack Obama. I listened to talking today.

"It was very small."

Trump said as he spoke in a grammar school.

12:26 update: Man steals the show on the Trump rally

In an Indianapolis Indian race, in the crowd, a man stole the show from Trump.

While speaking, people watching TV or TV can see that people speak "speech" during speech.

Ilham Omar speaks to the supporters

Ilham Omar speaks to the supporters (Picture: GETTY)

Nicholas Frakes takes over the report Amani Hughes

Friday, November 2

10.14pm update: Obama warns that it does not inspire fear of the campaign

Barack Obama campaigned for the support of democratic candidates and warned against rising fear, while President Donald Trump relied on a hard-line immigration message to offer Republicans.

The former president, relying on the common theme of democratic campaigns – to protect the health law of 2010, which signed the domestic performance, urging Americans not to accept hostility and political divisions.

Obama told Miami: "We have seen repeated experiments to distribute us with rhetoric to make us angry and dreadful.

"But in four days, in Florida, you can check such behavior.

Obama was surrounded by gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who faces a former congressional representative and powerful Trump sponsor, Senator Ron DeSantist and Bill Nelson, who is outbound by Rick Scott.

The failure of Trump's campaigns was aimed at challenging Republicans in the West Virginia and Indian Democratic Senators, claiming that they won the presidential election in 2016.

"This choice will decide whether we are building on the extraordinary prosperity we have freed … or let radical democracies hinder enormous destruction of America and our future," Trump said in West Virginia.

Polls and non-partisan predictors generally show that Democrats have a high chance of gaining 23 more seats and taking a majority in the House of Representatives that they could use to initiate investigations into Trump's administration and blocking its legislative agenda.

2018 mid-term choice:

2018 mid-term election: Barack Obama to the Democratic Democrat Campaign in Florida (Picture: Getty)

9.17pm update: Hollywood celebrities encourage young people to vote

Hollywood A-listers urge young people to vote for their mid-Tuesday election.

More than 50 actor, comedian and YouTube star join a two-hour live telethon on Monday night, aimed at firing younger voters – the age group is least likely to vote.

For "Telethon for America", speed prompts viewers to call in a celebrity phone bank and undertake to vote the next day.

The Chelsea Handler comedy who left a Netflix talk show a year ago to focus on activism said she thinks young people are expecting "older, more responsible adults" to solve problems through government.

"They just think that someone else takes care of it, it's not their problem, and it does not necessarily affect them," says Handler, 43, in an interview.

In October, Reuters / IPSOS poll found that only 25 percent of 18-29-year-olds could vote in the polls, the lowest percentage in all ages.

8.47pm update: What are the most recent queries?

The top five thirty-eight recent polls predict:

house of representatives

Democrats have 5 out of 5 chance, or 84.4 percent chance to win the house

Republicans have a 1 6 or 15.6 percent chance

38 out of 38 democracies have an average of 38 seats


Republicans have 6 or 7 or 85.1 percent of the Senate

Democrats have 7 out of 7, or 14.9 percent of winning controls.

The Republicans hold 23,000 seats in the House, where all 435 seats are re-elected.

But despite the fact that only in the Senate there is a two-seater majority, the 27 of the 27 who are held are expected to remain in the blue.

8.13pm update: What are the main governing tournaments?

The electorate of 39 countries will elect governors this year and more than 80 percent of the state's legislative seats will be elected.

Larry Sabato, Director of Political Virginia Center at Virginia University, said: "The most important work in public policy in the country is done by governments and state legislators in states.

He added, "Governments and legislators in most states whose redistributive forms of partisanship rearrange each US headquarters, except in those states that have only one representative and will convert all state Senate seats and state seats."

The GOP currently has 33 governors, while Democrats 16.

All US Governors spend four years except those in Vermont and New Hampshire, where the conditions last for two years.

Mid-term elections 2018:

Andrew Gillum is afroamerican candidate against Republican Republican Ron DeSantis in Florida (Picture: Getty)

07.35: Update: Barack Obama to Republicans for "Persistent Fears"

Former President Donald Trump and Republicans were attacked by their inseparable rhetoric, the number of prosecutions and the "constant memory of fears".

In Miami speech, Obama said, "They tell you that the existential threat to the United States is a lot of poor refugees, which are 1000 miles away." "Even from the huge troops we are braving our brave troops from their families, our soldiers feel better in men and women."

7.20 pm update: Obama tells Floridians "Tuesday may be the most important choice of our lives"

Barack Obama campaigned for Mayor Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, on Friday in Miami, Florida.

In his speech, the former president said: "For the real reason I came to Miami because this Tuesday is the most important choice of our life.

"Politicians always say that, but this time it's true, the bets are really so high.

Obama added: "The consequences of one of us on the way home are indeed more dangerous because America is at the intersection."

2018 mid-term choice

2018 mid-term election: Obama said the stakes are high in the 2018 mid-term elections (Picture: GETTY)

6.56pm update: Mid-Term Election Campaign THE LAST EXPENDITURE IN HISTORY

The 2018 mid-term elections are expensive.

In Texas, Democrat Beto O & Rourke and Republican Incumbent Ted Cruz spent a total of $ 93 million in their campaigns before the election.

Overall, the Center's policy of responsible politics predicted more than $ 5 billion in the election.

Neither half-time elections did not exceed $ 4.2 billion.

6.17 Hour Update: Thousands of Georgian residents have to "be allowed to vote" a rule of thumb

A federal judge has ruled that US citizens recently assimilated should vote with a total of 3,141 votes after the voter registration has been held.

This is a defeat for Georgia Secretary of State and Republican candidate Brian Kemp.

Voters' activists say that many of them are minority voters.

Kristen Clark, Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee of Civil Rights Rights, said: "This eliminates the unreasonable burden that these voters face in the election day."

Mid-term elections 2018

Elections in Central Election: 3,141 votes after the voter registration has been placed in reserve (Picture: GETTY)

5.35 hours update: Romney talks Trump call media for the "enemy"

In a blog post on Thursday, November 1, Mitt Romney criticized US rhetoric of Donald Trump for the media industry.

In the post, Romney wrote, "It is certain that every president has suffered stories that he knew were inaccurate and appeared in one or more newspapers.

"But no US president has confessed to the American press or a professional business like" the enemy to the people ".

Updated 5.09: People have been watching Obama for more than ten years now

Barack Obama is expected to be in Miami on Friday afternoon, local time.

And thousands of people have begun to stand up to look at the former president's speech.

Obama is campaigning for Andrew Gillum, governor of the Democratic mayor of Tallahassee.

Speech takes place at the Ice Palace Film Studio in Miami.

Look at the masses to line up to look at Obama.

Mid-term elections 2018

Medium-Term Elections 2018: A massive crowd gathered to look at former President Obama in Miami (Picture: TWITTER: GREGJKRIEG)

4.26pm update: Senators urge Facebook to improve the "loophole", allowing users to lie source about political ads

One of the most recent reports proposed by the vice-chairman suggests that Facebook's new rules for political ads meaning easily manipulated, allowing users to publish ads with produced identities.

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner are urging Mark Zuckerberg to deal with the loophole and call it "deeply concerned".

In a joint statement, the two Democrats stated: "We appreciate the work that Facebook has done to implement the honest advertising law, according to our laws, to create transparency and accountability for paid online advertising," he said in a joint statement of the two statements.

"However, it is increasingly apparent that Facebook's efforts have major shortcomings that potentially allow opponents to rely on the wrong information on the platform."

Mid-term elections 2018

Mark Zuckerberg urges to improve Facebook's "loophole" in the new regulation of politcal ads (Picture: GETTY)

4.10 hours update: President Donald Trump outraged by "crazy, crazy" constitutional amendment

Trump nominated the constitutionally protected provision of old-age nationality as "crazy, crazy politics".

On Thursday evening, the US president launched another attack on Amendment 14, which guarantees that American children born to the US are also nationals of illegal immigrants.

And today, Trump vowed tough restrictions on asylum and drew attention to strengthening GOP's strength.

He even stated that US soldiers could turn their weapons to members of the immigrant caravan, an asylum seeker group traveling to the United States.

15:50 update: Unknown foreign attack on mid-term election infrastructure

Minister for Homeland Security, Kirsten Nielsen, said the department had "continued experiments" on access to election systems.

But the experiment that attempts to gain little access did not come from abroad.

He said, "What would be strange if we did not see any experiment … So now we do not have any activity that we attribute to the election infrastructure as a foreign organization."

Mid-term elections 2018

Middle-term elections 2018: Barack Obama will lead to Florida Andrew Gillum on Friday (Picture: GETTY)

3.35pm update: Obama hits the campaign trail to lift Florida and Georgia

Former President Barack Obama launches a campaign for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum on Friday afternoon, local time.

Gillum may be the first African-American governor in Florida to win the next week.

And Democrats are hoping that Obama's visit to the Sunshine State may upset Gillum in a race that he has run in a narrow circle.

Having traveled to Atlanta after the visit of former President Miami, he met with Stacey Abrams, a former minority minority leader.

Updated: 15.05 hours: President Trump has made ten thousand false or misleading claims since the beginning of the Presidency

President Trump put 6420 false or misleading claims in 649 days, according to an analysis based on the position in Washington.

According to the analysis, during the first nine months of the US presidency, 1 318 false or misleading claims were made.

This is an average of five daily.

However, in the seven weeks preceding the mid-term elections in 2018, Mr Trump made 1 419 false or misleading claims – on average every 30 days.

Ted Cruz

Polls show Republican Senator Ted Cruz holds three points leading the challenge of the challenger (Picture: GETTY)

2.58pm update: Recent polls show Republican Ted Cruz leads Beto O & Rourke in Texas

Polls show Republican Senator Ted Cruz holds the three points leading the challenging Democratic Rep. Beto O & Rourke.

While still playing a leading role, this latest survey shows a tightening gap between the candidates.

The Republican vote in the country shows that Mr Cruz has about eight points, which is not reflected in the polls.

This indicates the importance of participation: if the participation rate is expected to be high, especially after the early voter turnout.

Mr. Cruz led O & Rourke to 50 percent to 47 percent of the allegedly polled Emerson College poll Thursday, as two percent of the respondents still have no choice.

The 781 probabilistic voters took place in Texas at 28 and 30 and their error rate was 3.7 percentage points.


2.55pm update: Betting Trends suggest Republicans close Democrats

Before the mid-term 2018 election, political bettors will only ease the "blue wave" prospects in just a few days as some of the media's specialists and sections.

The odds suggest that Democrats have two chances to discuss the house, but many are willing to accept it and in a position like Trump's 2016 victory.

Here are the latest opportunities:

  • Democrats are 1/2 to 66 percent chance of winning
  • Republicans 6/4 – 33 percent chance of winning
  • There is no full majority 100/1 – 1% chance to win
  • Democrats have exact locations 226
  • Republicans have the exact location 203

Mid-term elections 2018

Mid-term 2018 elections: Opportunities suggest Democrats have a 2 chance to take the house (Picture: GETTY)

14:45 update: Democrats Highlight TOP PRIORITY: Trump Investigation and Confiscation

According to the Daily Beast, 37 percent of Democrats say the key is "to investigate and potentially deprive Trump."

Voting was prepared by Ipsos at The Daily Beast, where respondents were asked what legislators have priority over the vote on 6 November.

The next popular answer was "to repair our problems with our healthcare system" by 34%.

2.28 hours update: 22 states + DC exceeded the 2014 full early vote

22 states and Washington DC, early voting numbers outgrow the 2014s.

15:18 update: Three states to vote for measures LIMIT abortion rights

States such as West Virginia, Oregon and Alabama have abortion rights in the elections.

The three US states have long supported abortion rights in a November vote by a group of specific activists, which initiates most public funding for abortion.

This is faced by the affirmation of Brett M. Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court and of the sympathies of abortion rights that a new conservative consensus can be overthrown at the high court in Roe v. 1973. Wade milestone is a viable fetus.

Bets are high for both sides in the heavily charged abortion dispute.

2018 mid-term choice

2018 Mid-Term Election: Overseas Protesters Campaign for Women's Abortion in 2017 (Picture: GETTY)

Upgrade at 13.15: Trump has released one of the most serious political advertising in history

The ad shows that Bracamontes has sentenced to death, laughed in court and vowed to kill more officers.

Words can be read on the screen: "The Democrats have taken home. The Democrats let them stay.

The ad shows that immigrants are pulling on the border fence.

13.15 hours update: More than 25 million people voted early

According to the data collected by Catalist, at least 25,859,552 votes this morning were sent early or by mail.

So far, we know that more women are involved than men, and a high percentage of them are old.

12.40 hours update: George H.W. Former President Bush is voting for his early two best friends

George H.W. former President Bushe was seen entering a polling station to vote for yesterday.

Mr. Bush was accompanied by two of his best friends – Jim Baker and his dog, Sully.

The former president is one of the thousands who voted early on before the 2018 mid-term elections.

Mr Bush's spokeswoman Jim McGrath wrote a photo on the occasion: "President 41. accompanied by two of his best friends, Jim Baker and Sully, fulfilling his civic duty and voting today."

Mid-term elections 2018

Medium Term Elections 2018: George W.H. Former President Bush saw the vote yesterday (Picture: TWITTER: JIM McGRATH)

12.15: Update: Women's Year

In American history, the majority of the Democratic Party candidates are not white people.

According to Sky News, women, minorities, the LGBTQ and the first candidates have won the primary records.

This means that traditional "insider" secure Republicans are pressed on the edge of the Trump party.

The reason is that voters on both sides want more credible, less polished and non-resident candidates.

Campaigns such as #metoo, March for Our Lives, and Black Lives Matters are expected to greatly influence this year's mid-term elections and vote on Americans.

Amalie Henden takes live reports from Kate Whitfield

Mid-term elections 2018

2018 mid-term elections: the Zephyr teaching campaign for the Democratic Party (Picture: GETTY)

11.50pm update: Trump says he tells the truth "when he can"

US President Donald Trump says that he always tries to tell the truth if he knows, even though the media portray him.

"I'll try," he told ABC News in a Thursday interview. "I always want to tell the truth: if I know, I'm telling the truth."

Mr Trump repeatedly criticizes US media and opponents for lying and distorting the truth about the issues.

11:20 AM Update: Hillary Clinton at SHOCK Entrance

The former secretary of state and the two-time presidential candidate acknowledged that he "would like to be president" as he declared that he was thinking about his political future after the November 6 elections.

When asked if she wanted to run again, Mrs Clinton said, "No, no," before she acknowledges "I want to be a president."

Hillary Clinton, 71, and then bizarre, seemed to have repeated her career opportunity by saying she was "very well prepared" for the "work" that is expecting a new democratic president in 2020.

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Semitic elections: Hillary Clinton

Central Election: Can Hillary Clinton Re-Presidentialize? (Picture: Getty)

At 10.30: Oprah throws weight behind Georgia's Stacey Abrams

Talk show superstar Oprah Winfrey has knocked on the door to get the voters behind the Democratic nominee of Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams.

The 64-year-old Oprah gave a speech to the Democrats in favor of the vote next Tuesday, calling Mrs Abrams a "changemaker."

In the North Atlantic, mostly speaking to a female audience, she said, "I'm here today because Stacey Abrams is interested in things.

"Today I am here because of the men and the depressed, humiliated, discriminated women who have been oppressed and oppressed.

"I do not want them to sacrifice their victims in vain."

Mrs Abrams also attends President Barack Obama and Hollywood names, such as Will Ferrel and Mark Ruffalo.

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9.30am update: What do recent surveys show?

According to the ÖtTirtyEight polling site, which is based on different platforms and combines them with a "probabilistic" estimate, Democrats have a good chance of accepting the House of Representatives.

Current polls show that Democrats represent 85.3 percentage chance to take over the house.

The senate is less hopeful of the Democrats, with only 15.0 percent chance of leadership.

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Half-year Election Map

Contribution Elections: This map shows that each candidate has the chance to win in the 435 house district (Picture: FiveThirtyEight)

8.50 clock update: Oprah says "midterms are vital"

Oprah Winfrey, on Sky News, Oprah Winfrey says "the most important thing people can do is use their power to vote in the middleboards."

The talk show host and the courage of American television now use its popularity in the Democrats' campaign.

8.20am update: Ivanka Trump joins the campaign trail

Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, made a surprise appearance in Iowa on Thursday evening when she joined the campaign trail.

Campaigning with Kim Reynolds, governor Ivanka, talked in a crowded room at the center of the Reynolds campaign.

Mr. Reynolds is locked in a tight race with Iowa with Democrat challenger Fred Hubbell.

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Contribution Elections: Trump waves for supporters

Mid-term elections: During the rally of the Columbia Regional Airport campaign, supporters won the fans (Picture: Getty)

Semitic elections

Midship Elections: Supporters of Donald Trump on a Missouri rally (Picture: Getty)

8:00 AM: The proportion of pre-record voters is almost doubling from 2014

Early voting, which is offered in most states to make the vote more comfortable and avoid long lines, has received a record.

2014 midterms six days before the elections, 12,938,596 votes cast, compared to 24,024,621 votes Wednesday Wednesday.

These numbers are similar to the presidential election, demonstrating how controversial and important these midterms are.

And the race is still open: Blike Texas – where progressive candidates like Beto O 'Rourke he threatened to let him go Republican incumbents such as Ted Cruz have seen a record-breaking early voter turnout before the election day.

7 am updating: Young people can influence the election

Early voting among young people in the most important US mid-range battlefield states dramatically increased in mid-6 mid-November.

In Texas and Georgia, in the traditionally Republican states, the proportion of early voting rose by nearly five times between the ages of 18 and 29 compared to 2014.

In Texas, the voting rights of young people are currently 508 percent.

While according to national public opinion research at the Harvard Kennedy School of Political Institute, 40 percent of 18-29-year-olds plan to "vote strongly" – double the 2014 figure.

66 percent of young voters polled said they would be democratic.

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