Monday , March 20 2023

Motor Racing: The FIA ​​promises to investigate the MacO Arial Crash


Makkav Formula Three Grand Prix will be investigating Sunday about the terrorist monster, International Motorsport Chief Jin Towt said. This was the successor to the German driver Sophia Floreschen.

The floor photographer vacated behind a bunker. The street circumcised, traveling over a distance of 275 km per hour, crashed into the back of a car.

When she came to the hospital in a former Portuguese colony, They are tough and he is undergoing surgery, "she said on Twitter.

After a serious incident in Makkah, the FIA ​​is ready to help those who rally. Analyze what has happened, "the president of the International Motor Federation Federation (FIA) tweeted.

"We will monitor the situation and make the necessary conclusions."

The Japanese driver, Shu Suboyi, arrived in the hospital after the first flux effect. The statement was made in a statement issued by the MacAra Grand Prix Organizing Committee.

Chief Medical Officer at Macau Grand Prix Chan Wail Sill said. Two photographer and one track Marshal were also injured in the accident.

Six cars and motorcycle races with 6.2 km long macro Grand Prix in Macau Grand Prix have been spotted at the Mango Grand Prix this year.

Last year, British motorcyclist Daniel Hagerty died after being hit by a security breach during a race. Eighth rider who lost his life in the circle since 1973.

Three motorbikes were rushed to hospital after injuries sustained by Andrew Duden in Britain.

Dadjan comes from Isle Of Man, Britain. 270 motorcycles have been killed for contesting TT Circuits in the island over 120 years.

(Nick Mullayeni reporting in Sydney, editing of the Emperor Amalan)

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