Tuesday , May 24 2022

Mrs. Wilson's review – is an essentially annoying television and radio


I Have – and I know that this is the news that you are all waiting for – a new measure of gender equality We will know that there are equality in all areas when there are many big women like men. This means that every inequality has been fixed. You can manage multiple secret families if you are kept in the shoulders by both partners, balacer, coarse rota, income, emotional labor and other domestic burden mixed. Let's make #begamy our next twitter campaign.

There were ideas with which I was credited as part of Mr Wilson (BBC One), which is a play based on the story of star Ruth Wilson's grandmother Alison and her husband (Ruth's grandfather) Alec. Ian Glenn). Who, it turned out, was not only Elison's husband but the expectant wife – by the end of the first episode – at least two more women also

We found that when he began working as his secretary in MI6 during World War II, he and Alison met. He was the elder, the head of the army; he acted in the department and got married for his career in Arabic and for his career as an author of undercover novels. But, despite Catholicism, it was in the middle of divorce. We saw him and Alison's relationship caught, and, once he secured his order, he was glad to see her before throwing it back in the pocket, she got married, had two sons and lived together for 20 years in congratulatory pleasure Is there. Alec suddenly dies of a heart attack. Alison is calling her husband's handler (played by Coleman, Fiona Shaw), pastor and doctor in that order. We are not yet good in the 1960s, and comedy is still a day order.

Alumnus knee joint consists of an unidentified person with postmortem cesarello and sympathetic neighbors. His name is Gladys. She has come to gather her husband's body from her landlord Alison and has taken her to the home of the Southsea family for burial. Alison humiliates a distrust of ambiguity, closes the door, and Coleman goes that she has copies of some important documents that can not be found after getting into storage in bed. Coleman, and not a public record office. The morality of the story is so far – when you are handed over to you in secret service for years, always check the order for fake signs.

Alison and Alec's life have become completely incompatible with flashbacks, due to the thickness of the existing plot, they get more sinful shades. He was definitely a secret information officer, but at one point, how many undercover operators took him home from home, how much time was there for the king and country, and for Alec and unwanted Gladias? Alison said that as a part of the MI6 mission, the story of the cover had allowed him to infiltrate into the subversive groups of the prison, or was he right?

It's a great story – we can know how and why it comes to us and then why – but it is also a slow, sad meditation that we can learn about and how much we know about each other; For us, love and faith lay a trap for us and you usually decide how normal rules can not be applied to you, how you can overcome them.

Gladys and Alison Allison's two sons were involved in a well-ordered civilized system of funeral – Gladys has an old age, the Grace model has been reported by her father's double life and pressure – but then, alone, Alison has been exposed in the cemetery. An unknown person explained that Alec was India's best friend and apologized for the mistake of Alec's wife Dorothy for her mistake.

Oh and really, hey. Then, how and how Would this, perhaps, explain Kelly Hove's useless appearance – in Restaurant Lou, when Alec and Ellison are on a date, and then again in their funeral? Considering its recent leaders, it can be a new law of the universe that Hove has the keys to all the television secrets, so I look forward to a certain breath and just hope that there is sufficient vacuum to go round.

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