Sunday , August 7 2022

NASA flood-travelers gather for international conference even while their theory is going well


Flat Earth Theory

Flat Earth RepresentativeScreengrab from YouTube

Flat chairs from different parts of the world were organized for the International Conference at the Krone Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center.

With the help of NASA like space agencies, government authorities & # 39; Globe Earth & # 39; The foremen of flat-land theory say that they are trying to deceive people by releasing animated images.

Flood-waters argued that the original form of land was not proven by scientific methods.

When scientists try to prove the curvature or motion of the earth, you can not do that, experiment from earth learned to prove the earth as taught. As a Christian, I began to look up the Bible, and why does the Bible say this? So, examine it myself, "said Robbie Davidson, the founder and organizer of the conference quoted by

A few days back, NASA released a photograph of land taken by the United States Space Agency, a million kilometers satellite satellite. Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) uses a camera to capture images. This conclusion revealed that the earth was completely in shape.

Previously, American astronomer Neal de Gracees Tyson was opposed to flat-travelers claiming to be the result of failed education. Tyson added that the videos and videos showing the roof and spherical earth were not ready to be accepted even after the spectrum was taken.

Although NASA has continued to claim these conspiratorial theoryists, floating earthly believers claim that the earth is flat. They argue that the gigantic gigantic walls on earth's polar regions act as an end.

It is understood that the earth is flat and has military bases constructed at the southern pole. Governments around the world, depending on the flat preparedness.

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