Sunday , June 13 2021

NASA is enlarging the spacecraft used for the International Space Station

NASA can charge millions of dollars for rides in spacecraft.

NASA is refusing to sell spacecraft that transports its astronomers to the international space station. Raises rides to the public while trying to expand this launch further and open another revenue channel.

On many occasions Russia travels over the richest individuals who have earned millions of money on their journey. Moreover, three of the private companies of successive billionaires are trying to attract tourists from the atmosphere. In the 1986 space shuttle challenge blast, Christa McAuliffe, a few of the rare exceptions, such as Christa McAuliffe, were not allowed by private citizens on their rockets.

"In the first days of the aviation industry, we can not even imagine using barrarmming, basic facilities to help in the early development of the future and help build a new building," Michael Gold said. Technology that leads the policy reform of the Advisory Committee

NASA's advisor to the sub-committee has approved. This suggestion is part of the agency's proposed commitment to join the private sector with a sense of consciousness.

These proposals are required to be accepted by the Advisory Council, and will be sent to NASA administrator Jim Bridgestston.

The meeting was held two months later to stay in the Bridgesten Committee. He thinks the agency will take up better partnership with industry. NASA and its astronauts were "in American culture", he said.

On Friday he emphasized: "The reality is, we're in a new era now."

The space agency is also used for commercial enterprises, and the agency displays their astronauts to strengthen the brand.

By 2025, White House attempts to end the direct funding of the International Space Station. Also, a laboratory turns to a commercial establishment. The question has come that there has been a strong Congressional defense, how it can be implemented and how it will fund it.

But the seats sold to achieve the target may be a small step. The NASA can cost millions of dollars for space station in the spacecraft developed by Boeing and Space X. The revenue generated by this sales will help the agency and "help the monopoly of space platforms in a low underground orbit, according to the language adopted by the advisory body.

The agency is also looking to coordinate some of the laws that prohibit NASA from accepting specific products or services. They talked about the possibility of selling nicknames rights of rockets. When Bristenstein announced that it would produce a heavy lift, the committee approved the language recommended by "space-based promotional activities". "Encourage NASA's public work and encourage young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics."

Its logo became more widely used and took a step. Today, NASA does not use the rocket logo, it is a fear that the rocket will be seen as an auction of the commodity for space or space science.

"There is a speculation that no," said Gold.

Bridgestine wants to see a change.

"NASA is one of the best brand in the world, and it's essential to ensure that we are using the United States to help America differently," he said.

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