Sunday , May 22 2022

NASA's Insight sends back the stunning image of Mars because the lender works


Yesterday, the Space Agency hit NASA's Insight Mission headlines after successfully discharging the spacecraft on Mars's surface.

& # 39; Seven Minutes Terror & # 39; Including difficult landing, and on the shores of the seats were people worldwide.

Now, Lander has sent a stunning image of Martian surface, which shows that it is nicely settled.

NASA tweeted on the image, "Here's a quiet beauty. Looking forward to my new home."

The Space Agency withdrew the Insight's animation to its solar panels.

He tweeted: "Here … the sun is filled with my solar panels, after a long flight, and after thrilling Mercedale #, it feels good to get a good attitude and to recharge my batteries. (Like, literally.) That's exactly what I need to get started with Mars. "

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NASA's Insight Mars landing

Now landlords are safely on the surface, they carry out many important checks.

Insight to help NASA to understand more about how the planet was formed & # 39; Mars & # 39; Space & # 39; Will study, including its crust, mantle and core.

It will also measure the effects of tectonic activity and meteorite on Mars today.

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