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Not a deal or a deal? US Disappointed by braxtile complication

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"Bobs" is a subject of debate in the UK – people are "fed up with the braxate", something, something, something desperate to read, talk and listen to something else.

But if the Bobs are big in the UK, skip the idea for their number in the EU.

And I do not talk to men and women at European bus steps. I'm talking about EU governments.

All EU leaders – without exception – go to their winter holidays, at least countless Bracket Summit, phone calls and meetings, delighted to turn their backs for 10 days.

"The British Prime Minister will force to explain [French President] Emanuel Macron soon returned to Brussels at any time, "A legendary source told me.

"Brackets looks like a bad version of a story that never ends.

"The UK does not know what he wants but Mr May continues to return to the EU, asks more and more.

"Patience is thin."

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However, despite frequent insistence in Brussels, the jointly-negotiated EU-UK divorce deal is not going to be re-negotiated; Theresa May continues to talk about getting more relief from Brussels.

What is it sure?

Due to the very tired preparation of its cabinet for non-deal breaks, concerns may be concerned that the EU is most openly jokingly like paper tigers in Brussels.

They just do not buy it.

EU leaders know that most UK MPs have died from a transactional perspective. They also believe that pragmatic preparation for clay-edged bracts is unfortunately inadequate in the UK.

In the end, such watches reduce the possibility of a deal, which would be costly and chaotic for the EU, but Mrs. May hopes that European leaders will soften their demands.

There have been many predictions on Braxtet, but the wager in Brussels still stands – Westminster will first blink.

It is not that the EU is completely ready to cancel Mrs. Menon's mind.

Leaders will offer something to the Prime Minister in January – yet, it gives more assurance on the highly-disadvantaged Irish boundary, which is known as Backstop, if she wants to.

But before that the EU will have to make a re-version of the previously made noise.

The strong conviction of the Capital of Paris, Berlin and the EU is that the Prime Minister returns home with a deal to withdraw his problems.

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Many European newspapers were unsatisfied with the challenge of Mrs Maya's leadership

U.U. Leaders believe that they stem basically from deep sections on the UK in braces, so this is not the slightest desire to settle with EU principles or red lines for divorced deals.

If the UK Parliament has passed a Breketet package, it will not be able to see any evidence.

And the EU is playing the US hardball in anticipation that EU will remove Britain from braces and encourage them to live in the abandoned conditions of the US.

Putting aside one moment to see if the trick can be successful, at this point it is a mistake to believe that all countries of the UK are still harmless to live for the UK.

While it will definitely be for the EU's economic benefit – and many of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government will have Braxtet converted their Santa's wish list this year – for one, the Emanuel Macron is not eager to return to the UK. Fold

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The so-called "Gillots Juan" opponents are putting France's president Emanuel Macron under pressure at home

French President – At home on "Gill's Junk" or Yellow-West opponents suffering from hot water – dreams of breathing new life in the EU.

But in Hungary, Poland and Italy, they are already facing clear challenges with the Eurozapic governments.

Deleting Braxtet will probably divide the UK into political and social, and that – makes the President the Macron the least – potentially more misleading and destructive EU-Insider.

Any future UK Prime Minister may be tempted to start the process of resuming – headache, Mr. Macron will choose to live very much, so that the UK should decide to maintain another referendum in 2019 – Paris will reluctant the UK. To give time to the UK for the period of negotiations approved under the law.

And, remember, expand this formal process – which is called speech 50 in the EU – it needs approval from the consensus of all EU countries.

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Some brakesmiths believe that the European leaders will agree to "deal deals"

Spain also hesitates. Madrid can see benefits in braxtet – especially when it comes to Gibraltar.

So, if against Theresa Manny's wishes, most MPs and all EU leaders, no-deal breakset prospects, because the divorce agreement can not finally end, what is the likelihood of a "no-deal deal" with Brussels? ?

This is a fuzzy potential risk by some breakers.

It is argued that the EU will always come out of self-interest, so it will ensure that money, goods, planes, cars and trains will run smoothly between the UK and the rest of the EU in the absence of a breakaway divorce agreement. .

Some people in the UK say that the ideal scenario is – the Bracket mini-deal with the EU, which does not include the Irish-Border Backstop and not £ 39 billion as mentioned in the withdrawal agreement.

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The future operation of the Irish border is the central braxate issue

The first problem with this special point of view is that when it is true, the EU will act in its own interest, which will not automatically benefit the UK.

In the case of no-divorce and deal breaches, special "mini-arrangements" will be put in place by Brussels – but according to the EU, they will be limited to the month and will end without negotiation.

The reason for this kind of temporary action is the result of the most disintegrating consequences of UK citizens and businesses in the UK due to disruption from the UK's European Union.

Equally important to take into consideration: the transition period after breaks – where the UK legally leaves but can remain a member in the practical terms – it accepts a completely withdrawn deal in the UK.

It is very unlikely that Brussels will "make" payments for the transition period in the case of non-deal Braxtit UK, as some MPs have suggested.

UK leaders disappeared from confusion and confusion of malaria in UK politics in 2019 – and after being disappointed by the braxtet process.

But they ultimately remain confident that when and when the UK will go out, their men and women in Brussels will maintain the upper hand in negotiations on future EU-UK trade and safety relations.

Once the UK U.U. After leaving, it will now be regarded as an ex-member but not an exterior and potential rival.

The use of the European Union is due to its economic muscle and its internal market size.

Brussels chose to strut on the World Trade Stage. There is no purpose to permit to destroy the braxtet show.

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