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Phil Mickelson vs Tiger Woods $ 9 million Winner-Lay-All Match

It included extra time, detected halves and floodlights, but the match ended with fee Mickelson conquering Tiger Woods. Here's how it happened at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas on Friday:

Woods eventually hits Lila, but misses his stomach from within 10 feet. At this time Mickelson makes 5 million dollars and wins 9 million dollars.

After making Airmail airline, Woods-Green-Re-Miksalson fills his shot up to 5 feet, 11 inches. And miss it. Mickelson does not make Woods a 5-footer to move the hole. Mickelson says, "I do not want to win that way."

This is not a real leak. This was invented, put a green on T at the practice. Tiger does a green airmail, but goes up and down to compare. Mickelson misses only under 18 feet. We go …

Woods blamed himself for the whole day that he could not get a good shot. With just Put in 8 feet to win the whole thing, Woods misses again. We go …

After the play of 17, all those who ride on a short pare-5 are two heads with $ 9 million 18. Woods goes behind just two green; Mickelson hits the center of Green. Woods makes a 5-footer for birdie, then accepts Mikkelson's 4-footer. We go …

17th hole: cross 3, 150 yards

Woods likes his T-shot, but he goes too far. No problem Woods chips from behind to birdie. Woods said to Kadie Joe Lacavana, "Like the old times." Mickelson missed her birdie effort. After 17 holes, we are right where we started.

Tiger on number 17 with a chip-in and fist pump. When it seemed that Phil would end this thing, the play finally came.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com3 weeks ago

16th hole: cross 5, 626 yards

The same story is going on … two parcels. Both have a chance to have a long paper-5, but this is the case all day, nothing can be done.

Ernie Johnson, announcing the announcement to be declaratory. There is still nothing The second pair of pars, this time on the 5th sixth hole. Or, Peter Jacobs said – "Terrific."

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com3 weeks ago

The tiger is very clear: "I do not hit a good strip." No, no, it's not.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com3 weeks ago

15th hole: cross 4, 467 yards

See that this sounds familiar: it's the same for both. Mikkelson hits a full, classic, Phil Flop shot to kick-out the series. Woods strikes a terrible chip after losing green and then misses a stretch to break into the holes hidden.

Talks between Tiger and Phil have come very well. "We went to our old mode of attempting to defeat each other's brain," Woods said that he turns 15.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com4 hours ago

14th hole: cross 4, 488 yards

After all, the longest drive challenge … and do not turn it off. So much for that. This means that there will be no $ 100,000 for the bet on that side. But both of them hit strange second shot from the bunker, leaving everyone in the 15 feet with birdie pots. Mickelson misses on the lower edge, Woods misses on the higher side.

The $ 100k long drive on the 14th hole should be converged to collect. Tiger and Phil both missed the fair and found Bunker. These two guys I know!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer4 hours ago

Mickelson and Woods with birdie patches that are not trapped in any way on the 14th hole. Mickels took credit for Tiger's loss: "I think I went out of him," he says that he goes to 15th.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com4 hours ago

13th hole: cross 3, 213 yards

Mickelson talks about Woods the second closest to-pin, this is $ 300,000. And Mickelson wins again, curling within 10 feet while Woods stays at 15 feet. Woods can not convert, is quite missing on the higher side. Mikkelson confidently turns to him and drills him again in the heart.

Phil tells the 13-year-old officer, "It's amazing how cool he is in the previous nine." Laughs and then earns a bet against the 13th hole and $ 300k bet. All squares go on the 14th hole !!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer4 hours ago

13th hole was a manufacturer for Phil Mickelson. He won the closest $ 300,000 to Pin Wenger, then rolls in a birdie band to win the league with Twitter Woods and stick to the match. Phil does not have a bad hole.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com4 hours ago

12th hole: cross 4, 394 yards

Woods is driving full. Her second shot hit 2 feet. Mickels accepted short Woods, then missed his long strip. Woods took his first straight stance. 11th and 12th hole can be there where Woods started this match and escaped things.

Tiger Woods is the first leader of the day !!! It is wonderful shot with a beautiful shot from 74 yards on the 12th hole!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer4 hours ago

Miklson should make a lead on the first few holes. He did not. Now, eventually, Woods searches for things. Be careful, Phil.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com4 hours ago

11th hole: cross 4, 284 yards

Both players take swipe to reachable 4. They agree on the condition on the other side: Eagle creates an eagle, it's worth $ 200,000. Both T-shots just miss Lila, but Woods comes to rest at a simple place. He Chips Off for Accepted Birdie Mickelson runs 12 feet through the flop hole. He can not convert the belt and Woods wins the hole.

All the holes through 11 holes and Phil Mickelson know that this should not be closed. "I can not stop it from happening like this," he says.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com4 hours ago

Tiger Square matches the tape in birdie on the 5th of 11th. Woods has not built a hole yet, and the best of both are best.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer4 hours ago

10th hole: cross 4, 438 yards

Other halves, second pair of pars. Woods has been wandering for her, while Mickelson has two-stripes on her way.

Tiger Woods vs. This was a lot of fear with Phil Mickelson, it would be … Blaha. For 10 holes, it is unclear.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com5 o'clock ago

Ninth hole: cross 4, 391 yards

Things look interesting on number 9. On T, if someone makes an eagle, they bet $ 100,000. After two good t-shots, they are up to $ 1 million. Neither comes close. In fact, both of them shot second shot in the hands of a short irons in hand. Both of them break their path on the pars.

Most people speculate about Phil Mickelson's ability to speak garbage. If someone makes two and the condition is just found real, then pay 49 (391 yards) left the condition beside only $ 100k on !!! Both hit full drives and Phil said, "Let's throw another zero on it." It makes 2 which is one million dollars for a player !!!!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer5 o'clock ago

Eighth hole: cross 3, 190 yards

The tiger gives the second shot on the near-the-pin condition, this is for a $ 200,000. Woods scored 40 feet from the hole, a poor shot. Miksalon hit almost one shot, but its rolls roll back and closes at 38 feet. Another Believe on the Belt: If Tiger makes it, it gets $ 50,000. Phil makes $ 40,000. Neither comes close, so there is no cash exchange. And Woods's belt was so bad – he hit the four-letter word soon – he was 8 feet left and missed it. Miklson makes it to take the lead back.

First F-Bomb !!! Tiger hits a terrible belt after finishing $ 50k with Figue on figure 8th green. Still 10 & # 39; left.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer5 o'clock ago

Let's be honest about this: Tiger Woods is lucky, it's just 1-down from eight holes, and Phil Mickelson missed the chance to do a nice, big cushion.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com5 o'clock ago

Seventh hole: Cross 5, 557 yards

With both leg at Fairway, Woods tried to join Mickelson in the side condition. Who has the best score on the hole, for $ 200,000, starts with his second shot. The Woods made it 40 yards behind Mickelson, Phil tries to negotiate some disagreements. It asks for 3-2. Woods gets a sting. There is no sound. A smart move by Mickson, who dumped his second and third shots in Bunker. Woods has found a right-hand piece in the two, drifted it down, and has a tap-in for birdie and his first win.

An aspect of the match that will help eliminate many negative: Great Golf So far, that's not the case. By 7 holes, there are only 3 birdies between them, all of which come on 5-PS. Tiger looks extremely rusty, and when Phil's game has been more solid, it did not take advantage.

Bob Harring, ESPN Senior Writer5 o'clock ago

Sixth hole: Cross 4, 516 yards

Both players with a suitable birdie belt to make. Neither the threat of the hole. Two pars. The second hole is loose. The biggest thing? The tiger he is playing is not happy. A lot of mumbling for themselves

Unreliable truth on six holes in the match: Tiger Woods is not happy with how he plays. Many shades after tee shots and eRon and belt have the same basic support – "it is bad."

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com6 o'clock

Fifth hole: cross 3, 137 yards

A little bit of action on this: Nearly $ 100,000 of the pins It's an easy payment for Mikkelson, who makes a close knee when Woods misses the road exactly. For the match, Woods gets out of the long two-legged and nexlane 8 feet – despite bad, he left the pot short – because the hole has diminished.

Close to pin challenge at number 5 for $ 100,000. Mickelson hits his T-shot within 10 feet. Woods is missed by a mile. Tiger himself says: "It was very bad." Yes, yes, that was it.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com6 o'clock

The Tiger has been a little volatile, missing the 4-footer pear, the road with two drives, is unable to stop it from 137 yards to par-3. But after losing the pin near the fifth place in the fifth place, it was a 4-footer for 1-foot.

Bob Harring, ESPN Senior Writer6 o'clock

Phil won the $ 100K near the pins of 3G5 but could not make a 10 & # 39; put. At 1 o'clock, there is not much spoiled between these two. Phil is winning the match for the first time, while Tiger has left Phil's $ 100 million in the starting side bet.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer6 o'clock

Fourth hole: cross 5, 564 yards

First match-good Woods ties Tine, but finds a way to get into Birdy 5-footer position. Turns Mickelson and it's beside green. It chips up to 5 feet. They wait for one or two minutes, then both are good put and move forward.

The front nine is a fuzzy and fair draw for the left. Field handling is easy, it fades the Fed's cause. When the draw is essential, Tiger hates both "3" and "Fourth Holes", Woods is hit by the fade and is in trouble again.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer6 o'clock

Third hole: cross 4, 476 yards

They take different ways on the hole, but they are both at the same time. Woods is wild outside of Tini and has to lay his door in the door next door. Miklson plays stable – converts, green, two belts. Different ways to make similar, but similar results

Second hole: cross 4,430 yards

First Hickup. Both players miss the green with their short irons in their hands, Woods can not convert with 3 feet. Enjoy the fun of the match: Make the opponent a belt.

Two holes for Tiger So far, we have got "demit" three times from Tiger.

Nick PetruzQuevicz, ESPN.com6 o'clock

Tigger MISSES is a 3 '# 2 hole stretch on !!! She walked in the beginning! Phil goes up 1!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer6 o'clock

અને ટાઇગર દ્વારા ચૂકી ગયેલી પટ્ટી સાથે, ફિલ મિકલ્સન હોલે જીતવા માટે +260 પર છે. 2. બંને ગોલ્ફરો માટે એમજીએમમાં ​​ઇન-મેચ મતભેદ -115 છે.

બેન ફોક્સ, ઇએસપીએન સ્ટાફ લેખક6 વાગ્યે

પ્રથમ છિદ્ર: પાર 4, 379 યાર્ડ

વુડ્સ અને મિકલ્સન બંનેએ પ્રથમ ટીને આયર્ન ફટકાર્યો અને પોતાને સુંદર દેખાવમાં છોડી દીધો. ટાઇગર 10 ફુટ સુધી પહોંચે છે, પરંતુ તેની બર્ડી જમણા બાજુ પર સ્લાઇડ કરે છે. ફિલી Birdie માટે 9.1 ફુટ છે, જે ફક્ત 1 અપ લીડ કરતાં વધુ મૂલ્યવાન છે. તેની પૂર્વ-રાઉન્ડની બાજુની શરત એ હતી કે તે 200,000 ડૉલરની હરીફ ખેલાડી નંબર 1 પર બર્ડી બનાવશે.

પટ ચૂકી જાય છે, અને છિદ્ર છૂટી જાય છે. પરંતુ … મિકલસન 200,000 ડોલર ગુમાવ્યું.

વુડ્સ કહે છે, "તે ખિસ્સાને નુકસાન પહોંચાડે છે."

ફિલ અને ફાઉન્ડેશનમાં કન્વર્ટ કરવામાં અસમર્થ તેની ફાઉન્ડેશન માટે વધારાની $ 200K છે. ટાઇગરએ "ગુડ સ્પીડ", "ફિલ સ્પીડ" તરીકે પટ્ટા કરી હતી કે પટ તોડી ન હતી. એકમાત્ર ચોરસ.

બોબ હરીગ, ઇએસપીએન વરિષ્ઠ લેખક7 અઠવાડિયા પહેલાં

ટાઇગર અને ફીલે પ્રથમ ફેરવેને વાતાવરણ અને અભ્યાસક્રમ અને તેમના બાળકો વિશે વાત કરતી, નાની વાતચીત કરી.

નિક પીટરુઝક્યુવિક્સ, ઇએસપીએન.કોમ7 અઠવાડિયા પહેલાં

રાઉન્ડ પહેલાં …

મેચ શરૂ થાય તે પહેલાં ફિલ મિકલસન પર એમજીએમ પર 77 ટકાથી વધુ પૈસા. +130 સુધી તેમનો મતભેદ. ટાઇગર વુડ્સ -150 થી બંધ છે.

બેન ફોક્સ, ઇએસપીએન સ્ટાફ લેખક7 અઠવાડિયા પહેલાં

એક રિમાઇન્ડર કે ધી મેચ ધીમે ધીમે શરૂ થશે નહીં. ફિગર મિકલ્સનને ટાઇગર વુડ્સમાંથી $ 200,000 જીતશે જો તે 415-યાર્ડ, પેર -4 પહેલા બર્ડીઝ કરશે. ફિલ જો આમ કરવામાં નિષ્ફળ જાય તો ટાઇગરને પૈસા મળે છે. ફીલે સૌપ્રથમ $ 100,000 ની દરખાસ્ત કરી હતી અને ટાઇગરએ તેને ડબલ કરવા કહ્યું હતું. દરેક ખેલાડી તરફથી આવતા ભંડોળ સાથે, અને વિજેતા તેમની પસંદગીના દાનમાં દાન કરવા સક્ષમ હોય તે મેચ દરમિયાન, અન્ય કેટલાક બાજુની બેટ્સ હશે.

બોબ હરીગ, ઇએસપીએન વરિષ્ઠ લેખક7 અઠવાડિયા પહેલાં

ટ્રૅશ વાર્તાલાપ શરૂ થયો છે …
ફિલ: ટાઇગર, તમે આજે લાલ સાથે જવાનો નિર્ણય કર્યો છે? તમને સારું લાગે છે.
વાઘ: તમે કાળો સાથે ગયા, અરે? ખૂબ જ slimming.

નિક પીટરુઝક્યુવિક્સ, ઇએસપીએન.કોમ8 વાગ્યે

ટાઇગર અને ફિલ કંઈક પર કામ કરે છે
શેડો ક્રિક પર મેચ પહેલાં લીલા મૂકવા પ્રેક્ટિસ.

બોબ હરીગ, ઇએસપીએન વરિષ્ઠ લેખક8 વાગ્યે

જ્યારે ચાર્લ્સ બર્કલે દરેક રાઉન્ડ પહેલાં ગરમ ​​થવા માટે દડાને ફટકારવાનું શરૂ કર્યું ત્યારે સેમ્યુઅલ એલ. જેક્સનને અંદર આવવા લાગ્યો, "જો હું રાઉન્ડ પહેલાં ગરમ ​​થવું માંગું છું, તો હું મારી કારમાં ગરમ ​​બેઠકો ચાલુ કરું છું."

માઈકલ કોલિન્સ, ઇએસપીએન વરિષ્ઠ લેખક7 અઠવાડિયા પહેલાં

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