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Pregnant Coronation Street Stars Spa Shows Baby Bumps Day After Day


Coronation street Brooke Vincent, Julia Golding and Haley Tamadon are all expecting kids right now, so they all decided to go to Relaxing Spa Day together.

Tamaddon, who appeared Corey Between 2013 and 2015 as Andrea Beckett, Sorey Webster and Shawn Ramses joined Girli Day in Warrington by actresses, and she shared a beautiful photo of the three on her Instagram.

"A wonderful day at UCH, @GardensPowerington," he wrote, "Here I am showing my baby bumps @BrookeLeVincent @JuliaGoulding proudly! We had the best pregnancy massage and we felt relaxed and happy!

Coronation street


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"Thank you to all the wonderful staff who went above and beyond to make our day a brighter one." Mmmmtob. "

Back in April, Hale announced that she had conceived for the first time at the age of 42, after saying she couldn't have children. She had recently let her baby breed slip.

Brooke also confirmed her pregnancy in April, and has opened up about how she struggled with her pregnancy and how the experience has changed in the months that followed.

Meanwhile, Golding announced her pregnancy in May, and revealed that she and her partner Ben Silver were vetting the names of each other's unusual children.

"I want Han if he's a boy, he's going to be Han Silver, which sounds like Han Solo and I'm older. Star WarO fan, "said Ben OK! MagazineGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Julia added: "I've rejected Han so the boy's names are proving difficult. Ben wanted Wolfgang, but he also got a veto. […] We got a lot of girls names but we haven't got any boys names yet. "

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