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RBS's commentator pays £ 20,000 to criticize the billboard business

A commentator of the Royal Bank of Scotland's alleged consolidation unit spent 20,000 pounds on the billboard on a billboard to the High Street Bank as part of an effort to restore the investigation into the wrong cases in the lender.

Scottish businessman Neil Mitchell has paid four months ahead of £ 5,000 a month's billboard on A23 in Croydon, South London, in an effort to support his legal challenge.

Billboards designed as a front page of a newspaper, show the RBS logo as a blood stream and accuses the bank of "intimacy, suicides, bank crimes, leading to economic disaster." The term "suicide" is punctuated with a constellation internally for sourcing. Memo in which the staff were asked to "let themselves be hanged" to the business.

Neil Mitchell

It all says again # RBS & @theresa_may @Bankclaims

December 23, 2018

Former CEO of Software Company Torrez Retail, Michelle Guardian said that the billboard was booked until December 2019, in 2020 it has the option of expanding it.

Michelle said, "She is right for the attention she gives." "I have a draft of other billboard designs and are looking at the possibility of other sites – especially in Edinburgh."

Michelle has filed a legal petition in the hope of withdrawing the 2018 decision to the Financial Acquisition Authority, which allows RBS and senior managers to escape disciplined action about the abuse of small and medium-sized business customers of its present inactive Global Restructuring Group (GRG). ).

FCA said that actions done by GRG eventually led to its jurisdiction, as commercial lending in the UK was uncontrolled.

The victims said that their businesses were turned towards failure and had released property from the hands of GRG banks. Michelle has claimed that GRG had planned to force Torquex retailer to sell it in 2007 before it was sold at a discount price.

In 2007, Michelle was a whistleblower on the company's previous scandal, which resulted in arrest of former group financial accountant Mark Woodbridge, who has been jailed for more than three years.

In 2017, the High Court Judge dismissed Mitchell's lawsuit against RBS on the episode of the Torque, and said there was no real possibility of success during the trial.

Michelle filed a legal application for the case against the FCA in late October 2018, and says there are more than 530 complainants on her board.

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FCA refused to comment on Mitchell's legal application when the decision was left.

"In our statement in July, it was explained that GRG's business was largely uncontrolled and the FCA has the power to deal in such circumstances, where consumers' abuse has been recognized and accepted, it is very limited."

"After careful consideration of all the evidence we have concluded that our power of disciplining does not apply to abuse and there is no probability of success in the action related to senior management for fitness and lack of ownership.

While remaining, we will not comment on the application seeking to review this decision. "

RBS declined to comment.

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