Saturday , February 4 2023

Sea Life owner Merlin accepts a £ 5.9 billion takeover deal in entertainment


Merlin Entertainment – Insurance Sealyf's operator is recommending a takeover transaction of £ 5.9 billion.

Merlin is also owner of Jurassic Skyline Tower on Womouth Esplanad and owns some of the world's most famous attractions, including Elton Towers and Madame Tussauds.

He has accepted a takeover bid from the owners of Lego, but said he is not looking for the buyer. However, according to Marlin's chairman, Sir John Sunderland, various potential buyers were interested in buying the company.

The Lego Group's offer was jointly with Private Equity Giant and Canadian Pension Fund. Merlin Entertainment said it planned to hold its main office after takeover.

The proposal declaration stated that the bidder "does not intend to change any material at the place of Merlin's headquarters and headquarters work."

He said that no change has been planned considering the merlin's fixed asset base, or the reconstruction of Merlin's research and development works. "In addition, the Consortium wants to open all the existing Merlin attractions in the UK and does not want to dispose of any material piece of merlin business. "

Bidders has supported him for the chief executive Nick Werney and his management team.

Merlin said that he rejected many earlier takeover proposals. From Florida to Japan and Malaysia, his world is attracted. This includes eight Laglond Parks to open a new Goshen, New York in 20 league.

Ian Grilling, chief executive of the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: "It's an exciting development for the company and prepares it for future development. It is good to hear that it will be in Dorset."

Merlin chairman Sir John Sunderland said: "Merlin is a global leader in local-based, family entertainment, with a unique portfolio of brands and attractions spread across 25 countries and four continents, and a proven strategy that has been distributed for many years.

"Following an unwanted approach by the Investor's Consortium, and after rejecting many of their proposals, Marlin Independent Directors believe that the offer represents a valuable value for Merlin shareholders for their investment in cash on attractive valuation."

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