Monday , May 16 2022

Sugar calories should be banned, say sugar propagates


Notable Milk Shades of 39 tsp sugar should be banned.

In the list published by Luxury Milk Sugar's Action on Shuger at the restaurants and fast food outlets in Britain, Toby Carrick's Unnion Frykkek is among the top. A service in 1,280 calories.

39 tons of sugar The sugar content of 10-year old cocktails and four coats is six times the amount.

Milk Sheikh and various types of toppings are from the 5 Guasis, 37 and 30 pieces of Palakors, Chocolate Mixes and Cherry Mix respectively.

The surveys conducted by a surrogate surveys revealed that "sugar and calories have a lot of vitamin suppositories". In the survey, milk shells are prohibited for over 300 calories.

Public health is looking for companies to reduce sugar levels by up to 20% by 2021 by 2021.

Graham McGregor, a chiropractor at the Queen Mary University in London and Sugar Action Action chairman, said that the cut should go further.

He said: "If the daily calorie cups are too high, children will be obese and have poor pains – it is not acceptable.

"The Milk Shakes are included in the short-term plan of milk health England (PLE) and the need to do more than 20 percent less than the child's shackles in the children's obesity disaster.

"These high calorie foods need to be reduced to just below 300kcal."

Qutuhuraham, a researcher at Sugar Action in Queen Mary University in London, said: "Such milk shacks create additional sugar and calories, which is shocking, which hides this information from the user.

"The government's laws were made to make the transparency of the government more transparent in displaying uncluttered nutrition information online and outlets online."

PHA's chief nutrition expert Dr Allison Tiddston said: "Sugar levels increase in the amount of sugar in milk shakes.

Food industry – plays a crucial role in helping solve this problem, including restaurants, manufacturers and retailers. We reduce the amount of sugar we buy and consume.

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