Saturday , June 10 2023

The government stops the protesters


The environmental activists protested and organized themselves into a government building.

Around 60 activists protested at the headquarters of the Department of Business, Energy and Industry, Westminster. They were on Monday inaugurated by activist group rebellion organized by activist group.

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Workers outside the Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (John Stellwell / PA)

Some protesters drew the group's logo into several glass panels by passing one side of the opposite building.

Other entrepreneurs were able to clean the hands of the Rawalpindi's portals and hold hands with plastic tubes and ensure that they are not easily loaded.

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Roman, Anti-bullying Protests, Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (John Stellwell / PA)

& # 39; Franchise Stopped & # 39; on Victoria Street. & # 39; Save Oil in Oil & # 39; Dozens of police are also brought to the vans. Police said that one was arrested.

The younger Frederick Aristrad, who traveled from Oslo in Norway, asked the authorities to be more serious about the 20-year climate change.

As it has been observed in California, it affects the forest land and the world affecting the world, especially the poorest parts of the world, "said Ardad.

This will create climate refugee residents. They have to go somewhere, they may come here, we may shut them off and there will be a human tragedy. "

A number of protesters at Kudrila shale gas fracking site protested in Preston New Road in Lancashire.

"The earthquake, air pollution, water pollution, and everywhere it has been contaminated everywhere," Lyn Beac of Lancashire said.

"We need to convert now and we have to pay for renewable energy: we are a part of the island and we have got a lot of wind and sun.

"Where we need to go, people in the industry can return, and they have the skills they need in the renewable energy sector."

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