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The next extension of the financial XIV is the shadrubangels, the Summer Season of 2019


Today's Square Enrix Announced Final Fantasy XIV Shadra shooter, the third extension of the popular online game, comes in early summer 2019. An advanced story, a rising level cap, multiple jobs, etc. Has anybody to play with a virus and a blue cloud?

Now the players have rescued Ala Miigo and Doma in the Stormblood expansion, and now is the time to switch to the Galician Empire. What will happen in the case of light and warring forces? Who is the mysterious Azcion who plays the game after playing the game? Who is the warrior of darkness? These questions will be answered in a new extension.

Well, a patch gets answered in 4.5, and we'll find why the dark path of light is there.

Nakoky Yoshida, the producers of new characters in the development, did not give details, but indicated a hint that one of the extension teaser was in the trailer. A weapon mentioned in the trailer is like a weapon-like weapon and a gun on the gun Final Fantasy VIII& # 39; s squaw.

Afterwards, Scott Annex president Yosekes Matsuda stopped wearing a blue cape and hired a worker.

Mouseda, Neela Majeja, made a video saying that he had been nominated for a nomination to nominate a new job but was not in shadowbringer. The Blue Majze Jobs game will be presented in the update of the 4.5th, very advance. Blue Major will be a limited job and not connected to any other class. Using the players will learn about Samuel's activities. 4.5 When launching, Blue Meeg will have 50 level caps. When the shadowbringers release, new patches will raise Blue Maje's level cap. Capacity 70 for other jobs. This will increase to 80 within the extension.

In a cupboard, Yoshida announced a new player, even though he did not say what a wave it was, he wore this t-shirt:

Players play a playable play, the run of the rabbit Final Fantasy XIIFor years now. It seems like it will eventually happen.

Shadows will help keep the breeders, new progressive forces, and myrrhones.

Other new features include nine new Dungeons and new game raids. Players and allies will have an opportunity to come together You can use their expertise to rebuild Isaac to the Holy of Holies.

Shadabridges will add a feature, such as Final Fantasy XI Shr Test System, that will help player players out of action. The character of the extension will allow you to play the characters.

Players who want to play in the previous chapters have a story again …

New game plus! Players can play old story characters with characters that are overly prominent with their old, characters.

For technical purposes, a new Long Transfer system will allow the players to move freely in their data center. Players on other servers can complete all queues on their home server. The World Cup exchange will be released before the development. Kindly pre-launch. New data centers will soon be available in Europe and North America.

More information about shadows will be available on the fanfirst's 4.5th update on the weekend. Continue the official Twitch channel.

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