Friday , September 17 2021

The Pink Legacy Diamond sold for £ 38.5 million

A rare diamond auction sold for $ 50 million (38.5 million). The highest price in the history of a pink diamond and the highest price for a diamond.

The 18.96 carat Pink Success of the Swiss city of Crescens, Germany, was held on Tuesday in connection with the annual magazine magazine's sale.

Auction was done with a record $ 44.5 million in auction. Then Facebook got cheaper. In November last year, Christie's Hong Kong bought a Pink Promise Diamond, which earned $ 2.2 billion a carrot worth $ 50 billion.

Although the auction predicts that the auction is estimated at $ 25 million from its value of $ 30m, it is a bigger size and more attractive because of its grading interest, CNN says.

FancyVivid is the name of the album. It displays one color of 100,000 dyes. On some stones known as Fancy Vivid, "10% pink diamonds are one fifth of a carat," says Fortune.

"The color of this diamond is very unusual to find this color," said Rahul Kadakia, Christie's international ornaments.

Newest Lamborghini Harry Winston brand new owners of the Winston Pink heritage

Jewelry's Chief Executive Officer, Naila Hayek, said: "We are proud to continue with Winston's trademarks.

Until 2011, the Beers Diamond Mining Company is owned by the Oppenheim family. It's 14.62 carat blue diamonds owned by Opiehier Blue, Sir Philip openenheimer and 57.5 million dollars (40 million dollars)) making it the most expensive jewel in the same auction house.

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