Wednesday , January 27 2021

The player takes an impressive stub on reducing the cult corridor horror pt in media atoms.

To make anything that the PS4 owners can imagine, if the next-stage dreams of the media atom are not ambitious, the goal of providing full-fledged sports from diorama is a goal. And if you can learn how effective the result is when real players get their hands on it, then, consider this effort to recreate the cult of Hurriyo Kozima's Corridor Dares PT …

There was a 30-second piece of terror Posted on Twitter A familiar dew is shown in the weekend by the mysterious Sergeantbike, and looping down the L-shaped corridor of PT continuously. Essentially, there are detailed downgrades in detail – for example, in most picture frames, they do not have actual pictures, but they nail the atmosphere.

SurgeonBeac's environmental entertainment is a good job of capturing PT's suppressive lighting and moody atmosphere, which also sneaks in some familiar sound samples – such as the suspicious Pepi Radio Announcer and the ubiquitous Wheel of Holwer Lights. All, it can be adaptable to the tools of the star formation, it is just the stars' attempts and promising performance.

And simple comparison (actual PT on top, obviously).

Probably noteworthy, the video created by a player who has recently accessed Dreams Beta violates the terms of the non-disclosure agreement of the video molecule – such as direct tweet replies. At the time of writing, however, its spikes are all available to be seen.

Of course, if this is such a thing that newcomers are able to whip through the limited-time beta in Dreams, then it will be exciting to see experiences at one go which the players have actually started to catch up together. Tools after full release While it is, a specific launch date has not yet been announced, but its plans to reach PS4 later this year.

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