Saturday , June 10 2023

The Ryanster passenger is wearing a luggage wearing his luggage


A tripe trainer came up with a unique way to get all of the handloom items in exchange for Ryan's new rules.

Cheka lee Simino (30), from Manchester to Belfast (3/11).

Coaches, inverter, pair shorts, t-shirt, jumper, a towel and his full liquids were kept within his coat.

Last week, the airline had a new £ 8 pound of charge from the airport.

Lee, Off Leak, Staff. Now, the budget jacket is currently being planned for the budget airline to fly to other places to avoid controversial charges.

He replied: "With my job I can buy luxury goods for a strange break here, so I use Ryanair a lot.

"I always know the laws of their luggage, and when it came to new regulations, I thought about the way around.

"I know it does not violate the rules, but I know that's a very responsible task, so I set myself up with the help of sewing saddle in Thudstel and they rolled me up.

I save between £ 25 and £ 30 to save £ 10 a pound. But in the long-term it should act as an expert money lender.

"Batting out a beautiful, pleasant eyelid, I took the jacket when I passed the scanners.

"I might have fished more on it, but I had taken what I needed for my break.

"I have skiing trips coming soon, so it will be a lot better, usually I will put my clothes on my snowboard bag.

"In this way, I've always had all my needs – I need more than a pair of shorts.

"It's pretty fragrant, but it's pretty cool, no one commented, so this should not be noted.

"I bought some 80 pounds for a long time, but it is good use for a coat that we have never worn for so long.

"I did not try to make a scene, and I wished to see if you could get into a small plane for Ryanair's plane."

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