Tuesday , December 7 2021

The south-east train timetable that reduces the risk of "leaves on the line"


The South East Railway will work in the next week with some time.

Autumn leaves began to move to the ground, with 50 million people on the railway line.

When the rain is scattered during rainy season through the horizon, the slippery bar is made like black snow movers on the roads.

Many companies Their autumn timetables were announced By the end of September, the South Indian autumn time table is bringing the period between November 12 and 16 at "the worst of the autumn climate".

This means that some off-the-road trains will be shortened by more than 28 stations in London.

Bexley, Dapterford, Plumstead and West Dalvich are the affected areas.

Each day 6,000 passengers will be adversely affected.

Eli Barros, the train service director for Southern Railways, said: "Driver drivers are especially difficult at this time and do not ask anyone to make black ice on the roads and the same danger in the railway.

"We can not ensure the safety of the fastest passengers while driving trains are safe."

Passengers can check their South Eastern website or mobile app on national railroad investigations or in the Sairave table.

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