Monday , May 29 2023

The Sunday Memorial was destroyed just a day ago on Sundays


A memorial to the drug was slaughtered by a garden and a bench.

The memorial passes through the Memorial Recreation Ground in Hadlee, sprinkled the breeze, empty blankets and broken glasses and scrolls of the memorable messages in the monument.

The Huddle Salvation Army will make this special anniversary annual reminder service on Arma Day, and only a few days to solve all problems.

At the age of 78, Robin Bryant is the captain of more than 60 clubs in the Hadley Salvation Army.

Royal British Leopon sells poppops and annual festivals.

He said: "We must work hard for harsh people, but we hope to respect the War Memorial and what the Memorial is for, especially Sunday service.

"We hope the monument is not like what is today.

"Sunday Sunday is an important service to many of the local people in service, in short."

A spokesman for the Case Point Council said: "The settlement is always here, as it ensures that all urbanization monuments must be cleaned in front of the memorials of the armed forces."

There was no grapple and vandalism for the War Memorial.

The center also includes names of those who fight in the First World War, and 13-year-olds.

This also includes children's carpets.

A spokeswoman for the Royal British Legion said: "War memorials and corpses are a major contribution to the British Armed Forces and respect for sacrifice and respect should be of great respect."

Counselor Bill Sharp added: "First and foremost, if it is all night, I'm assured that it will be erased and lying down, and I'm surprised to see what's going on, and it's disgraceful that these people do not want to listen to you. I had no doubts in these incidents. "

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