Sunday , March 26 2023

The UK Commission estimates Britain is more worried about breaking out of Bretton UK News


The European Commission's prediction of the autumn predictions would be to make drastic changes in the European Union and trade relations between the UK and the European Union after April 2019, after the expulsion of the EU without a treaty.

Director General of the company, Marko Butty said at the beginning of the announcement that a deal could not be influenced in the UK.

He said: "In the case of a transaction, the impact of this impact will be much higher in the UK than in the 27 EU."

The report makes clear that her prophecy is based on current "status quo" discussions and that there is no continuous discussion.

If the EU union customs union and the single market do not have a bold trade, it makes the UK worse.

The expectations of UK's future outside the EU are expected to weigh in the UK.

"As a precaution, especially in the case of a transaction, there is a large per capita disaster.

"The results of appropriate studies say that breakes are financially losing."

However, the report points out that the prospects for investors in the brewing tie-up with Pierre Sterling's European Union (EU)

If it is for parent sterling, a better optimistic investment in the results of breeding negotiations may lead to a return to sterling's next era against the eurozone.

The UK is considered to be the fastest growing country next year.

The United States has warned growth in 2019.

The dead body said: "The real wages are growing at a moderate rate and the prospects of the rich are expected to be weaker.

"Inconsistency means that business investment will continue to be limited."

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