Wednesday , January 20 2021

Type 2 Diabetes: Breakfast – Choose for vegetable oils, mashed bananas and vulgar toast

Type 2 diabetes, if not treated, can cause many serious health problems, including foot problems and heart attacks. But one of the best ways to control blood sugar is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. It is advisable to keep sugar, fat and salt at the minimum, and when there is no time to leave many snacks or eat it, the NHS warns that do not ignore it.

So what are the best food choices for you to eat in the morning?

Diabetes UK says, "Healthy, satisfying breakfast can be a big difference."

"But some traditional breakfast foods are packed with sugar and fat.

"We've come up with some simple swap so you can charge your diabetes and make sure you start your day properly."

Diabetes charity offers three healthy breakfast choices that you should consider.

1. Switch from classical batch bread, multi-seed, granary, soy, and linseed to classical versions with white toast.

He says: "It's better for your diabetes and digestive health. They are also filling."

Try jam, spread pure fruit or mashed banana.

He advises: "Other healthy choices are with low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, fresh chopped dates, or almond butter and chopped banana."

3. Use as little oil as possible while cooking

He says: "Cook unsaturated vegetable oils, such as sunflower, olive or rapeseed, butter or ghee."

If you want to keep your blood sugar levels in check, you should walk away from having sugar or cereal or red meat for breakfast.

While some packaging can make some grains, such as granola and grain clusters, they appear healthy, they are often filled with sugar and fat.

Instead try switching to paradise oats – just by adding it, avoid sugar, honey, golden syrup or cocoa powder.

Wheat biscuits, roasted wheat or muesli (without any added sugar) is also a great option. Add chopped fruit to the dessert.

Try to avoid red meat, such as sausage and bacon, because their fat and salt content can be high, and instead select oil fish like salmon or keepers.

You should also choose for grilling instead of frying, because it will cut calories.

Many calories can lead to weight, which is a risk factor.

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