Saturday , January 16 2021

UFO hunters claim that this image shows a pyramid on Mars

Alien hunters claim that a decade ago, an image taken by NASA's Mars Reckonance Orbiter shows an artificial structure on the red planet.

The three peaks taken above the surface show that similar pyramids found in Egypt appear like pyramids. But despite an image over 10 years ago, conspiracy theorists are once again throwing claims around the Internet.

Alien Theorist, Scott C Wring, told the Daily Express: "I found a large three-sided pyramid on Mars in the Gigapan photo. There is a simple side in the pyramid, which is probably the original outer coating that was made for it, but the other two sides were seriously worn Is ".

So, is it an alien pyramid? There is a short and frustrating answer. NASA accidentally did not find evidence of advanced culture. Although the Archifact looks like a large pyramid, it is actually 130 feet by 98 feet.

Another fresco on alien principles is that this mount is located in one of the deepest valleys in the Solar System – which makes it a very inappropriate place to build.

Mars continues to fascinate and scientists continue to investigate its secrets – it will continue to throw a strange mystery.

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