Thursday , July 29 2021

Using Huawei's 5G technology, the US is alerting other countries

Huawei has reduced the US government's favor after the Congressional report since 2012, because of concerns that the Chinese government might force the company to give it access to sensitive data has been called a national security hazard. Before this year's middle election, the country banned government employees from using Huawei and ZTEE devices.

WSJ US officials briefed Germany, Japan and Italy for trying to disrupt government and commercially operated networks by using Huawei (and ZTE) components. In addition to discussing the possibility of the company being forced to comply with requests for data access to the company, the authorities also emphasized the 5G cybertex and espionage sensitivity.

See, current cell towers are different from their network's "core" systems, in charge of voice and data traffic migration. 5G cell towers, however, will be able to do some of the tasks currently performed by hard systems. When the US While the military base has their own satellite and telecommunications networks, it is used only for sensitive communications and most military voice and data traffic still passes through commercial networks.

An official told the publication:

"We are connected to countries around the world about our concerns about cyberthrrits in the telecommunications infrastructure. They are thinking of going to 5th, we remind them of that concern. There are additional complexities in the 5G networks that make them more dangerous for cybertex."

It is left to see if the countries have decided to seek the advice of the US government and have already banned Huewei like Australia. Huawei is the leading 5th largest equipment supplier, and products offer decent products at a lower price than its competitors.

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