Saturday , June 10 2023

White Xbox One X Stand Leaked One Release


(Photo: Microsoft)

Previously, White Xbox One One X was made available only through a special limited time-time bundle Forsa Horizon 4 Or Fallout 76, It seems like Microsoft is finally going to release a stand-alone text on the console.

A new white XBOX One X End Bundle was announced yesterday on Microsoft's XO18 program, leaked several places on the Internet and console contracts. City.

With the arrival of Amazon, "Xbox One X is a TB White – game pass and live bundle" with live library with live library. It will be presented next Thursday. This will be released on November 15th. Fallout 76 Microsoft is waiting for releases and game releases, so there are no fingers in the foregoing special band.

Soon after the leak, Ebay Listing from England introduced the white console. Now, it's more than one Forza Or Fallout 76 It is unlikely that the bundle without additional promotional sleeve, and the fact that the fact that the console is a game will be a notable point for the seller.

November 15 is a week before Black Friday. So, the busy market time Microsoft wants a new Xbox One X.

Always always have to take all sorts of natural disasters a grain of salt. Until official confirmation, or if you see a white Xbox One X exclock at your local store, it is best to keep a salt grain.

There is no need for decorating games with Xbox One X and Common Xbox One One for white players with system setup. I personally have to disappoint their white counter-roots with the Black PS4 and Xbox One, and I'll admit that the Xbox One Xbox One looks very pretty about the One and the X beauty.

At any time, we will make sure to update you whenever Microsoft officially announces a single Xbox One X release.

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