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Why is Queen Rani queen in Mekan Markal's favorite food? What is this | Royal | News

From marrying Magan Markel to Prince of Harry, he had to change his lifestyle. Her social media accounts have been shut down, and she can not take selfies anymore. However, she did not have to give her favorite food.

Once, Dalí Magazine may have been a very difficult setting for "contaminating, sexy ink", which she had given Konstantin to her favorite pasta dish.

In addition to the carbohydrate, there is usually a lot of emphasis on emperor and décor when choosing food.

Ranjith, 92, chewing the roosters in a royal way, "cut the cutlery and cut it off small pieces, then cut it into small pieces, one fork."

The Duchess of Sussex keeps its food healthy. Especially in the vegetarian diet.

McGridy said, "To live!" – Comparisle to her husband, "in the food" – imperialism and the Markel have their griefs.

For the Queen, chocolate biscuit cake is her favorite sweet dish.

Every night a glazed glass of champagne does not fall prey to her.

The cloud is like a panch here.

His favorite dessert "Big and Beautiful Red Wine" is mainly Tignan Melo, which is presented by his lifestyle blog The Tig.

What else can you do as King of Meghana?

Without pasta, social media and selfie (Meeting the public with their roommates), Meeg needs to make some changes.

For example, abstaining from voting, not a simple budget in the Dutch, is a long-term view of women's rights.

She can not go out alone, because of safety reasons.

As far as possible to prevent food, royalties should be avoided to avoid shelfish.

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The prince was given limited access to this rule. However, the queen has not touched a shelf in her life.

Wonderfully she should always travel with mourning.

She and Prince Philip were in Africa when King George's father Elizabeth II died.

No one clothed in black clothes from queen, and the pair had to wear ordinary clothes.

Queen's airplane was forced to wait until the arrival of appropriate martial arts.

Now, every member of the royal family walks with funeral clothes.

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