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2019 Golden Globes: 7 winners and 2 losers, in a fantastic year

There were 2019 awards, even by Golden Globes standards Fantastic.

One of the night's Best Picture winners has received horror by critics, while others have increased the continuation of the controversy about what they did and is not included in its portrayal of south of south-east rights (the era of nothing black people).

And if that was not enough, TV awards were expanded in full host programs, in which only two shows won more than one award (they won two by each).

The 2019 Golden Globes, after a clear front-runner, reflects one year of entertainment, without the understanding of one or two projects at the top to gain control over the conversation. And when the lack of consensus should ultimately make a fun award season, it created the Golden Globes ceremony, which sometimes seemed unwittingly guarded by the dispute, sometimes occasionally stopped to reward some true-known winners. (Shock Americans!)

Here are seven winners and two losers from the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

Winner: Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh is not known as a comedian, but she makes a great comedy partner for Andy Parag, and after her initial monologue with Apollo took over, the pair most of the time got out of the way.

But on stage, it makes history of the Golden Globes. Oh was the first woman of Asian descent (she is Korean-Canadian) to host a big entertainment prize show in the US.

She also won the BBC America's Globe for her performance Eve murder, In which she plays a spies looking for title character, a mysterious killer. It was his second golden globes win (after a supporting actress win in 2006 Granny's Anatomy), Who made her the first Asian woman to win several Golden Globes, and became the first woman in the first 39 years to win the Globe for Best Actress in a TV play.

With Golden Globes this year – in which many faces were paid heartwarming tributes – they were truly winners in more than one way. – Alisa Wilkinson

Winner: (almost) every major TV awards player

Until the last two TV awards in the evening, no one program could win more than a Golden Globe. And very few Networks Win more than a Golden Globe. Indeed, the night's big TV winners were from Netflix Cominsky method And FX Giani Versace's assassination: American Crim Story. Both programs won only two awards.

Along the way, HBO (Direct Objects), Showtime (Escape to Denmora), BBC America (Eve murder), And Amazon (Surprising Mrs. Macele And A very English scandal) Everyone took home rewards, while Netfix and Fx worked on the second award for each Bodyguard And AmericansRespectively

Sure, there are major TV awards players who are not like Hulu and AMC, but Globes really, really tries to spread the wealth.

76th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

Rachel Brosnah took her second Golden Globe home to influence her in Amazon Surprising Mrs. Macele On Sunday
Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Perhaps it reflects a year on TV which is quite okay. It also reflects the ongoing attraction of the Globes with the British (as they had given awards) a Pretty much British scandalBen's Whishaw and BodyguardRichard Madden) and Magazines (like Cominsky methodMichael Douglas). Similarly, globes can be reflected in just a few short-term TV awards, which means that it is difficult to win more than couple in any one show.

But it is only possible that it reflects how a program carries all the things around it in the end. In 2018 there were so many good TV shows on the air – if so many were not good – and globes were more happy to spread wealth to reflect that fact. – Todd Vanderbrough

Winner: Netfix

Netflix does not have a movie studio or TV network with the highest wins this year. It's Universal (Distributor of Green Book) Three to three wins on the film side, and only FX is connected to the TV side (Both Netfix and Fx won three prizes). But if you think how Netflix won five awards Total, It throws everyone else away. What's more, it includes some of the awards Main Awards including best director award Roma& # 39; Alfonso Curron and Best TV Comedy Series Award Cominsky method.

Netflix's major award campaigns have lowered Los Angeles for its consolidation billboards and post-announcements. (I can see many of my office windows!) He has helped Streaming Titan win Amy for the best play or comedy series or has received an Oscar nomination for the best picture.

But Golden Globes feared Netflix for a while (oddly, he was more interested in Amazon). Now, the results of the 2019 awards show that Netfix has definitely won over HFPA as millions of subscribers.

Next Stop: Oscars. TV

Winner: Acting Speech

An underrated piece of Oscar campaign calendar is awards given to another award show, which is to serve as a stealth campaign to win a similar prize in Oscars. And when it came in the 2019 Golden Globes, the winner who acted in every single film gave a speech that Oscars voted at home, "Oh, yes, they look charming and entertaining."

Take the supporting actor winner Mahershala Ali: his speech for a little controversial Green Book The classic question of addressing the controversial head (for those who know about it), did not reduce weight because of a controversy that he had not thought of. They accept it by accepting the real man Green Book – The family whose family has argued that the movie has presented it badly – and praising the work of the man, Ali has been cleverly avoiding the Siddhanta Season, which was confronted with awards, however, an unfamiliar award season was a beautiful politician.

Other winners have urged Glenn Claus to lead her best life after moving forward to Priyanka and winning Best Drama Actress. WifeChristian Bell looks funny and funny after winning the winner for Best Comedian ViceOlivia Coleman was surprised by the joy of traveling on the award circuit as a lesser known British actress after winning the best comedy actress. Dear.

Obviously, these good speeches do not guarantee that any of these people will win in Oscars – in main categories, Coleman and Claw will compete against each other, while Belle will take part in the match. Bohemian RhapsodyRami Malek, who won the best drama actor at Globes. And there are many great contenders waiting in the wings, such as A star is bornThe main pair of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

But, whenever they came into acceptance speeches, nobody globes used screws. If you're a rewarding Season Consultant working with one of these people, then you have a velocity of vapor in the next stage promotion campaign. TV

Defeat: A star is born

Among his biggest successes in the box office ($ 400 million worldwide, $ 200 million comes from the US and Canada only), his Oscar-winning director and star (three-time nominee Bradley Cooper), his critics praised and his lineage of mythological stories about Hollywood As the fifth parable, A star is born In the beginning this year, on the award circuit, I felt like a movie.

Except … it's not happening Yes, A star is born He has received the required nomination for various pre-released awards to make the Oscar nominations easier. But when it really comes time it's really time Win Something, A star is born Continuation of moving around around other movies, they are more clearly artists (Roma, The decisive darling of the year) or more intellectually popular people (such as the Golden Globes Champ Bohemian Rhapsody). Yes, he won a Golden Globe, but it was for the best original song – rarely Oscar is the harbinger of pride.

What is wild about this is that A star is born Her awards contest with the other two participating films, which have joined every major nomination list – Black Panther And Blackcakecansman.

76th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga went home from Golden Globes, without acting or film awards, though from the song "Shells" A star is born Winning the best original song.
Photo by Paul Drinkwater / NBC Universal by Getty Images

As the award specialist Eric Anderson Here's the point, These three films have hit every major benchmark of the season so far, unlike other films (Green Book, Bohemian Rhapsody, Etc.), which have missed one or two benchmarks. But none of the three visible frontrons converted their success into a big win with the nominations, which is rather unprecedented.

The season is still young. I still trust A star is born Winning the best picture in the Oscars. But the Golden Globes gave me a significant break. The movie needs to be stopped at some point – and it is not yet. TV

Winner: Roma

Alphonse Cuoron Roma The Best Picture Nomination for Oscars in the Biggest drama of Netfix – is not eligible for the Best Drama in Golden Globes, because the rules of Globes make clear that the best picture nominations should be in English, and the foreign language facility is only eligible for the Foreign Language Class.

But Roma He won the Foreign Language category, and also won the best director of the Kuoras, becoming the second Mexican director to receive the honor (after Gilmaro del Toro won the Oscar Best Picture Winner in 2018 Water shape).

There is no small feat for a movie like that Roma. Yes, he earned almost universal acclaim during his fall festival, earned him a Golden Lion at Venice Premiere, in addition to taking the top award from many major critics groups including New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. But it is in Spanish, it only achieves limited theatrical run, and most of its viewers will finally see a slow, expanded, visually rich black and white film on Netfix.

RomaThe Golden Globes wins of 2019 do not give much hint about its opportunities in the Oscars. But Netfix is ​​filling up money for its movie, and it's really a great movie. So its two wins are well-deserved, and will increase its visibility with potential audience members as well as academy voters – overall race for both foreign language facility category and for the best picture. – AW

Winner: Green Book

Green Book It can be the most controversial award of the year, frontrunner. She won the Lost Großch People's Choice Award during her premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, which has often proved to be the best picture spot in the film. And it's an audience delight, comedy about the unbelievable friendship between the Italian driver from Branks and the pianist on the black music concert on the journey through Deep Dip South.

Historians, critics and family members of his subjects Don Shirley has a title for the gloss on Shirley's life, according to the tired "white savior" trops, and possibly very futile, practically ignored, and sometimes the history "green books") for which it has the title. Mahershala Ali, who won the Best Supporting Actor in the Globes for Shirley, is known this year as Shirley's family and is apologized.

Controversy, however, is rarely restrictive to globes. (The best drama of last year was the winner Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Which sparked his controversy for his portrayal of South and his black letters.) Green Book This year, he received the highest award in any of the Golden Globes: For Ali; One for the best screenplay; And for one of the best Comedy.

So on October 22, when Oscar's announcement was announced, he appears to have at least some nominations. And it's easy to imagine. Green Book – A comedy that looks at its place in the right place and which suggests that we can fix racism if we all talk to each other and maybe listen to the best music – the winning Best Picture in the era of the past.

But instead of 100 or more shadowy members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, hundreds of thousands of workers in Hollywood oversee the Golden Globes, it seems that their taste has changed slightly in recent years. Like Spotlight, Moonlight, And Water shape, Which was a romance between a woman and a fish-male. Green Book The latest Best Picture looks older than the winners – and if it is valuable to watch if it's a movie or not, then the Academy chooses to represent the film industry in 2019. – AW

The winner Bohemian Rhapsody

I do not know how to make this sugar, so I would say: Freddie Mercury Biopic Bohemian Rhapsody One of the worst films I've ever seen in 2018 and definitely the worst "prestige" movie. And while I fully understand its current popularity with the audience – fans will definitely love the movie about a favorite rocker, especially with many music, despite being immersed in those places and obscure on the exact – one part of the ongoing existence in his awards As a conversation Film making Have to roam, frankly

તેમ છતાં, હોલીવુડ ફોરેન પ્રેસ એસોસિએશને તેને બે ગોલ્ડન ગ્લોબ્સ આપવા માટે પૂરતા ગમ્યું: એક રામી માલેક માટે, જે બુધવારે રમે છે, અને બેસ્ટ ડ્રામા માટે. (હા, આ ફિલ્મ નાટક તરીકે નામાંકિત કરવામાં આવી હતી, અને કોમેડી અથવા સંગીતવાદ્યો નહીં.)

આ ફિલ્મ પ્રસિદ્ધ થતાં પહેલા કુખ્યાત હતી, પછી નિર્દેશક બ્રાયન સિંગરને છૂટાછેડા અને દુરુપયોગની ઘણી સેટ થયેલી ઘટનાઓ પછી અને દેખીતી રીતે જ કામ માટે દેખાડવામાં નિષ્ફળ થયા પછી પ્રોજેક્ટમાંથી બરતરફ કરાયો હતો. ફિલ્મ અને તેના સ્ટાર મલેકની પાછળની ટીમે સ્વીકૃતિના ભાષણો દરમિયાન સિંગરનો ઉલ્લેખ કરવાનું ટાળ્યું હતું અને સ્ટેજ બંધ, જે બિંદુને રેખાંકિત કરવામાં સહાય કરે છે.

શું ઓસ્કારના ભવિષ્ય માટે મૂવીના વિજયનો અર્થ કંઇક છે? કઠિન છે કેવું. Bohemian Rhapsody પ્રેક્ષકો સાથે હિટ હતી, જે પાછળથી 2018 માં સમાપ્ત થઈ ગઈ હતી A star is born ઘરેલું રીતે $ 193 મિલિયનથી વધુ, ભલે તે ટીકાકારો સાથે સંઘર્ષ કરે અને મર્ક્યુરીની લૈંગિકતાને હેન્ડલિંગ સહિત બહુવિધ સમસ્યાઓ માટે આગ લાગી હોય. પરંતુ માલક અને ફિલ્મ બંને સંભવિત ઓસ્કાર નામાંકિત છે. અને મલેકને સ્ક્રીન એક્ટર્સ ગિલ્ડ પુરસ્કાર માટે નામાંકિત કરવામાં આવે છે, જ્યાં તે સખત સ્પર્ધામાં આવે છે. તે પુરસ્કાર જીતે છે કે નહીં તે તેના ઓસ્કારની શક્યતાને સૂચવે છે. – એડબ્લ્યુ

76 મી વાર્ષિક ગોલ્ડન ગ્લોબ પુરસ્કારો - પ્રેસ રૂમ

ગોલ્ડન ગ્લોબ્સ ખાતે રાણી બેકસ્ટેજની બ્રાયન મે સાથે રામી માલેક.
કેવિન વિન્ટર / ગેટ્ટી છબીઓ દ્વારા ફોટો

ગુમાવનાર: એકેડેમી ઑફ મોશન પિક્ચર આર્ટસ એન્ડ સાયન્સિસ અથવા એકેડેમી ઑફ ટેલિવિઝન આર્ટસ એન્ડ સાયન્સિસ કરતાં એચડીપીએની એડજિઅર સંસ્થા તરીકેની પ્રતિષ્ઠા

એચએફપીએની "એડગી" તરીકેની પ્રતિષ્ઠા હંમેશાં થોડો બુલશીટ રહી છે, તેના મુખ્ય પુરસ્કારો શોને દારૂના નશામાં અદલાબદલ માટે શોકેસ થવા દેવાની તેની ઇચ્છાથી ખૂબ હિંમતભર્યું છે. (ત્યાં હતો ઘણું ઊંઘવું આ વર્ષના ગોલ્ડન ગ્લોબ્સ દરમિયાન.) તેના વિજેતાઓ બદલે સ્થગિત અને પરંપરાગત હોય છે – એક સંસ્થા તરફથી તમે જે અપેક્ષા રાખશો તે બરાબર છે કે તેના શ્રેષ્ઠ સમયે પણ હાસ્યાસ્પદ રીતે પ્રારંભિક (અને ઘણીવાર ખોટી) સ્ટૅબની આગાહી કરવામાં આવે છે ઓસ્કાર.

જો તે તીવ્રતા માટેનો કોઈ પણ પ્રતિષ્ઠા હજી પણ અસ્તિત્વમાં છે, જો કે, 2019 ગ્લોબ્સ ખૂબ જ તેને જમીન પર બાળી નાખે છે. હા, કેટલાક સારા ટુચકાઓ હતા, અને હા, બિલ મુરેએ એક વિશાળ ગોલ્ડન ગોબ્લેટ રાખ્યો હતો જે કોમેડી મૂવી કેટેગરી પ્રસ્તુત કરતી વખતે સંભવતઃ ભરાઈ ગઈ હતી. પરંતુ બે મોટા મૂવી વિજેતાઓ – Green Book And Bohemian Rhapsody – ખૂબ સલામત એવોર્ડ્સ-બાઈટ ફિલ્મોની ખૂબ વ્યાખ્યા હતી. પણ લોકો કોણ Like તે મૂવીઝ સ્વીકારશે કે તેઓ ખૂબ સલામત, હંમેશા પરંપરાગત છે અને ખાસ કરીને હિંમતવાન નથી.

હવે, અમુક અંશે, આ સલામતી એ એવોર્ડ સીઝનની ઑફશૂટ છે જ્યારે કોઈ સ્પષ્ટ ફ્રન્ટ્રનર નથી, જ્યારે મોટામાં મોટો નોમિની સુપરહીરો મૂવી હોવાનું લાગે છે, અને મોટાભાગના મોટા ઓસ્કાર ખેલાડીઓ બોક્સ ઑફિસમાં ક્યાં તો ફિઝલ થઈ જાય છે (વિધવાઓ) અથવા ટીકાકારો સાથે (Vice), એવોર્ડ્સ બોડીને અન્ય, વિલ્ડર વિકલ્પો માટે કાસ્ટ કરવાનું છોડી દે છે. અને એચએફપીએના કિસ્સામાં, તે બે ફિલ્મો તરફ ગુરુત્વાકર્ષણ કરતું હતું જે 1994 ની સૌથી મોટી ઓસ્કાર દાવેદારની જેમ થોડું લાગ્યું હતું.

આમાં સ્વાભાવિક રીતે ખોટું કંઈ નથી. પરંતુ જ્યારે જૂથ રૂમમાં સલામત પસંદગીઓ તરફ ગુરુત્વાકર્ષિત થાય છે ત્યારે ખાસ કરીને જ્યારે ફિલ્મો ગમે ત્યારે આઇકોક્લાસ્ટ્સના જૂથ તરીકે HFPA ની સ્થિતિને ટોર્પિડો કરે છે. Blackcakecansman And Dear બેઠા છે ત્યાં આગળ.

તેથી એવોર્ડ સિઝનના આગામી તબક્કામાં શરૂ થાય છે. તે ફક્ત સાત અઠવાડિયા ચાલશે, પરંતુ અમે ગેરંટી તે સાત મહિનાની જેમ લાગશે. ટીવી

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