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9/11 first responder and lawyer Louis Alvarez dies at the age of 53


"We finally said that he has won this war and that he has touched the war for three years."

"He was in peace with him, surrounded by family. Thanks to him for giving us this time, he was a blessing."

Alvarez took care of his last life's hospice last week

Alvarez promises to fight for the benefit till the end

On June 11, Furious Alvarez began flying to Washington with other officials, in which the House of Jurisprudence Subcommittee hearing had heard testimony to the expansion of funds for police officers, firefighters and other emergency employees who became ill after settling in 2001. World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks. On that day he got a lasting rescue.

"I am in hospice now, because there (doctor) can not do anything else to fight cancer," Alvarez wrote in a Facebook post the following week. "Still, still breathe, still fighting."

NYPD Commissioner James O'Connell tweeted Alvarez's photo with a message on Saturday: "Our NYPD family and all the first responders mourn because we remember the retired NYPD Bomb Squad detective Luis Alvarez, who passed this morning.

Its strength – physically, mentally and emotionally – draws us all, and we have not forgotten it or # or have ever inherited it – which, just, was to correct others. "

Detective Chief Detroit told about Alvarez: "He gave an example of the NPPD motto," Fidelis Ad Mortam "or" Death Featherly in Death ". Detective Lou Alvarez has lost his fight with 9/11-related cancer. The warrior, the friend-we will take his sword. "

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-New York, said by Twitter, "D. Alvarez had lost his fight against cancer, but his fight continued for 9/11 respondents and survivors. He used his life to protect others and Dedicated to advocate on behalf of him. Sick after the attack. Congress is the time to honor his sacrifice. "

On 9/11, the first responder and lawyer John Fell said that on Tuesday, he provided the Senate Majority Mitch McConnell Alvarez's badge as an important symbol of the compensation compensation fund.

"It was Louise's intention," Faal told CNN this week. "Louis Mitch wants McConnell to keep his badge. And I'm telling you something, the police officer of New York City is about to leave his badge, donating an organ to someone, and Louise wants to understand the importance of the Senate's majority and remember that people are sick and Are dying. "

Fell told reporters that most of the Senate leaders are committed to voting to sit with them and raise funds with the first responders on the 9/11 first Capitol Hill.

& # 39; I do not want to live elsewhere but Ground Zero & # 39;

Alvarez wrote last week that there is nothing to do with Washington's trip due to its health decline. But the organizers said that this trip is a struggle for the sick first responders like former espionage.

Some panelists on the panel were not seen for this month's trial, which was the insistence of comedian and fund's proposal John Stewart. "I am sitting here today, but I can not help but think about what a wonderful form these rooms are. The entire process of receiving health care and benefits for the first responders of 9/11 has come," Stuart said.
Alvarez, speaking slowly, told lawmakers in the room that he planned to get his chemotherapy 69th round the next day.

"You came down here a day before my 69th round of Camona, and I'm sure you never forget to take care of 9/11 respondents," he said.

Alvarez said that in the ground zero, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and others do what they do – helping others.

"We were with a mission there, and we left after completing that mission," he said. "I have been in many places in this world and have done many things, but I can tell you that I do not want to live somewhere but when I was there, zero ground."

He added, "Now the sickness in 9/11 has made us many, if we are not here, then we worry about our children and wives and our families."

Last week, Alvarez posted on Facebook that a nurse noted that when she went for treatment, she was disappointed. After the test, she said that her liver has completely stopped her liver due to her liver.

"So now I am resting and in peace. I continue to fight until the good God determines his time," he wrote. "We will try to conduct some further interviews to keep the light on our fight for the VCF beneficial for the benefit. Please take care of yourself and each other."

Alvarez was born in Havana, Cuba in October 1965. He was married to Allen Parker Alvarez, and he has three sons. It Born in 1983 from Monsignor McClenancy Memorial High School in Queens, New York. He later studied at University of New York City.

He was appointed to the NYPD in 1990 and retired as a spy in October 2010.

Alvarez is also spared by his parents, Ada and Felipe; Her sister, Ada Lugo; And his brothers, Philip and Fernando

Diagnosis in more than 12,500 cases of cancer

Funds funded for Alvarez and others, created in the month of 2001's attacks, were initially active for two years, which paid more than $ 7 billion related to injuries and 9/11 attacks.

But New York and Federal officials have told them to be safe – after that there have been various commitments and diagnosed with cancer, but first responders spent weeks on the site breathing in disruptive air surrounded by disrupted buildings.

John Stewart is very mad about 9/11 funding

In 2001, Congress and President Barack Obama reopened funds to pay for medical costs and in 2001 they learned about long-term health problems with their work. In 2012, the government decided that the cancer could get compensation part of the fund.

It did not have enough money, and in 2015 the Congress funded $ 4.6 billion with some restrictions and restrictions on some payments. Exclusive Master who operates the fund is expected that total claims for claims can be even higher before ending in 2020: $ 11.6 billion, if current increases in claims – mostly due to serious illnesses and deaths continued.

The current proposal for permanent expansion will be authorized by 2089. There is a lot of support in the house, where it passes the judiciary committee, and San Michele McConnell has suggested that Congress will address the fund.

According to the World Trade Center Health Program, up to May, 12,500 cases of cancer are thought to have been diagnosed, which is a separate health care program related to sufferers funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The most diagnosed illnesses are upper and lower respiratory issues such as asthma, gastrointestinal problems such as reflux, musculoskeletal disorders and mental health conditions.

CNN's Julia Jones, Madeleine Thompson and Tatiana Bellamy Walker contributed to this report.

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