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A loan star tick, which causes red meat allergies in Northern Wisconsin: report


A loan star tick, a type of tick that has been found to cause red meat to develop allergens, has been found in Northern Wisconsin – this rare event is not usually found in the state.

This tick was seen near the EU Claire County, up to 3000 per local news channel. A loan star is named for Ticks, which is not the state's primary and white spot behind adult females, sometimes reported in the southern part of Wisconsin. However, according to the Department of Entomology of the University of Wisconsin-Madison University, however.

Susan Pascitz, chairman of the University's Entomology Department, told Channel 3000 that the loan star Tick has reported that it would probably find a way to the north by connecting a bird or other creature who later entered the area.

In the last summer, Scott Cummins – Allergists and Associate Professor – Fox News is the rare tick bandage caused by allergies due to allergen in North Carolina's University, Chapel Hill and Allen-Star Tick Bites and Alfa-Gel Meat Meats allergy. It has been said that the number of nearly two dozen cases has increased and his colleagues first studied in 2009.

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Kamans gave some different reasons for the increase.

First, the doctor can now examine allergic blood tests, "who made the diagnosis easier," he said.

A Lone Star Tick (Iystock)

A Lone Star Tick (Iystock)

In addition, "Lone Star Tickie Range is growing and expanding," Cummins said, the chance of cutting is finally increased. High cost of living can be partly guilty, which in recent years more people trade in urban life for the suburbs. As a result of this movement, close contact with the tick-carrying deer is done, which then increases the chance of ticking.

Cummins also said that awareness about the allergy leads people to talk to their doctor, and if the lawn stitches a taint bite then it can be the reason.

Although how to bite a lawn star title is sometimes not entirely clear how allergies are affected, then Cummins said that tick mucus can be a factor.

At that time he said, "This is a common pathogenic disease in all ticks." "It can be a protein or enzyme in a tic spot. We are working on it at the moment at the lab."

Contrary to the symptoms of peanuts, eggs, shrubs or shellfish allergy, many people who are allergic to red meat can experience penis, skin rashes or anaphylaxis.

The commission warned that many people have "serious gi" [gastrointestinal] Pain, "such as abdominal pain, indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea. Some people have described gastrointestinal symptoms as" pain or [being stuck with] A warm poker, "he added.

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It said that the symptoms of red meat allergy are not always immediate. In fact, Cummins said that eating red meat in the symptoms usually takes hours.

At this time there is no remedy for allergies; Most people with allergies can do to avoid red meat, including beef, sheep, pig, calf and goat.

But the news is not bad at all.

"There is a bright spot in it; it is one of the food allergies that can be resolved in a timely manner," he said, however, he noted that even though extra tick bites, the condition can be longer.

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