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AB Inboy and Tilere announced research partnership, focused on Non-Alcohol THC and CBD Beverage

Toronto – (Business Wire) – Today, the world's leading brewer, AB Inbev, and Till, Global
Canabas announced the leading, partnership in production and distribution
To research non-alcoholic beverages, which contain tetrahedrokanabinol (THC)
And cannabidol (CBD). Partnership is limited to Canada
Decisions regarding commercialization of drinks will be taken
In the future

Research Partnership combines the deep experience of AB Inbay
Drinks with Tillie's skills in cannabis products Abbey Inbave
Participation will be done by its Canadian subsidiary Labor Breweries,
One of the country's founding businesses and its leading brewery, and
The participation of Tillai will be done by cannabis for its Canadian adult use
Assistant High Park Company, which develops, sells and distributes
The portfolio of socially responsible cannabis brands and products
Canada Each company intends to invest $ 50 million dollars
A total of $ 100 million dollars.

"Labs are committed to keeping ahead of emerging consumer trends
Customers in Canada research the THC and CBD-infused products, our latest
The drive only matches our commitment to the highest standards
Product quality and responsible marketing. We intend to develop deeper
Understanding non-alcoholic beverages, which will contain THC and CBD
Guidance on Future Decisions about Potential Business Opportunities "
Kyle Norrington, President, Canada's Labret Breweries. "We look forward
To learn more about this category of these drinks and months
Next. "

"We are pleased to join the connections with the world's leading drinks
How to research the company, AB Inbev, how to make an enjoyable cannabis beverage
Products. Tile and Abby share a committed commitment to the in-product
Development and Marketing, and we look forward to starting our work
This important partnership, such as Tiller, has continued in the pioneer work
Development of professional, transparent and streamlined cannabis
Industry, "Tilray's CEO Brendan Kennedy said.

With responsive product development and strong track records
Marketing in their respective industries, AB Inbay and Tilley believe
That legal market for THC and CBD drinks will grow only then
Industry adopts the proper regulation of adult cannabis,
Including responsible production, marketing, sales and use.

AB Inbewa is a publicly traded company
(Euronext: ABI) is located in Lüne, Belgium, on which there is a secondary list
Mexico (MECB: ANB) and South Africa (JSE: ANH) Stock Exchange and along
American Depository Receipt on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: BuDi)
Our dream is to bring people to a better world. Beer, the
The original social network is bringing people together for thousands
Years We are committed to making great brands standing in the test
Time and the best to make the best beers using natural
Components are included in our various portfolio of more than 500 beer brands
Global brands Budweiser®Corona® And Stella Artois®;
Multi-Country Brands Back®Castle®Castle Lite®,
Hogaden® And left®; And such as the local champion
As Aguila®, Antarctica®, Bud Light®,
Brahma®, Cass®Crystal®, Harbin®,
Jupiter®, Michelle Ultra®Model Extra®,
Quilmes®Victoria®Sideways®, And Scholl®.
Our Brewing Heritage Convention has been spreading over 600 years ago
And generations. From our European roots in Dan Horn breweries
Lewen, Belgium. For Anheshar & Company's leading spirit of Brivers
St. Louis, US In Building a Castle Brewery in South Africa
During the Johannesburg rush in Johannesburg. Bohemia, the first brewery in
Brazil Geographically diverse with a balanced approach to developing
And in developing markets, we take advantage of collective power
About 180,000 employees are based in around 50 countries around the world.
For 2017, AB Inbew's revenue revenues were $ 56.4 billion (excluded from US dollars
Joint ventures and collaborators).

About Canada's Labor Breweries
Installed by John Kinder
Laboratories in London, London, in 1847, is one of Canada's Labhate Breweries
Established businesses and its leading brewer. The company has more today
3,400 employees, six breweries, three stand-alone Craft Brewers,
Portfolio of 60-quality Beer, including butyweiser and Alexander
Keiths, Labt Blue, Cocaine, Stella Artois and Corona. Brands too
Ready-to-drink beverages like Pam Bay and Mike Hard
Lemonade As part of the AB Inbay family, the lab is committed
To bring people together for a better world, to make positive
Contributed by many programs supporting its communities,
Encourage responsible drinks and protect the environment.

About Tilai®
Tilre (NASDAQ: TLRE) is the one
Global leader in research, agriculture, production and distribution
Canabacus and cannabinoids currently serve thousands of people
Patients from twelve countries spread five compartments.

About High Park Company
Based in Toronto and led by a team
With a deeper experience in cannabis and global consumer brands, High
The park was established to develop, sell, and distribute the broad-based
World-class cannabis brands and portfolio of products in Canada
Legitimate regulation and taxation for the first G-7 nation responsible person

A guardian note about forward-looking statements
The press release includes "statements appearing forward" in the sense
1995 U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act and
In the sense of Canadian securities "information appearing forward"
Legislation, or collectively, the statements appearing forward. Forward-looking
The statements in this press release can be identified by the use of words
Such as "may", "will", "can", "will", "possible", "expectation"
"Expected", "believe", "intent", "plan", "prediction", "project",
Includes "prediction", "outlook" and other similar expressions
Statements related to AB InBiv and Tillay Partnership
Possible investment and potential of each party
Commercialization at some time in the future Forward-looking
The statement is not a guarantee of future performance and is based on that
Keeping in mind the expectations of many estimates and management
Management experience and trends, current conditions and concepts
Other factors that anticipate expected development, as well as management
Including being consistent and reasonable in circumstances
Assumptions in terms of current and future market conditions, these
Current and future regulatory environments and future approvals and
Allow. The actual results, performances or achievements may be different
Materially visible or implied by anyone who is visible, forward or implied
The statements in this press, and, accordingly, you should not give place
There is an inappropriate faith on such front-end statements and not that
Guarantee of future results Includes forward-looking statements
Significant risks, assumptions, uncertainties and other factors which may be
Physically separates actual future results or inferred events
Expressed in any forthcoming statements or implied.
Please see "Risk Factors" in Tillaiya's quarterly report
Form 10-Q, which was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission
And Canadian Securities Regulators November 14, 2018 and on Risks
And AB ambiguously related uncertainties are described under Abbey's item 3. D.
Inbave's annual report is filed with Form 20-F with securities
For the discussion of the content, the Exchange Commission on March 19, 2018
Risk factors that physically distinguish real results
Next-looking information. Tile and Abby do not participate in the inbox
Update any forward-looking statements that are included here except
According to applicable securities laws.

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