50 Cent is closely related to his first son, Marquis Jackson's mother. After a traumatic comment about his child online, Rapper has revealed his quarrel more once. He targeted Jackson Jr., stating that if a young man dies, then no problem. Shaniqua Thompkins responded by Instagram with its own message, which was received by fifty and returned in kind.

Matt Swazackos / Getty Images

Thompkins uploaded a text post in his IG story: "Anne * Gaga with money meaning not sh … t … Ronald McDonald is rich as F. * CK … … but he still has a clown . "Shortly after, 50 broke the message and added an abusive caption:" Alexa Plate Cudder Older B * Teach Lil Baby Ll. "

"Bitter old B * Teach" comes with another ransom, when it comes to talking to her partner, she focuses her embarrassment.

"I find it funny that gangster rapper is not so difficult and will be too lingering to go to her baby and her mother's mother, but she will not keep the same energy for n * gags, which has put a hot lead in her. Alexa plays 50 & # 39; many men & # 39; s games.

Entertainer has yet to comment on this last comment.