Saturday , January 16 2021

Adam Schiff's Muller is the complete & quot; available in house transcriptions & # 39; The goal is to create

AnnE-House House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff said that one of the first orders of his business on agenda is that they now charge special counsel Robert Murray to congressional testimony given to his panel.

"We hope that, as one of our first prosecutions, the transcript of our witnesses is made available to any special adviser for any purpose, in which, if necessary, against any witness, including a false testimony charge, even Shifte has" the state of the Union " Said. "We went to work immediately to work to reach the private institutions so that the rack on the foundation bases Rda can get. The committee has been formed. "

However, Shif, was not the name, who believed to be the risk of holding the Congress. Commenting on the California Democrat, the House Intelligence Committee gave the House Intelligence Committee last month to release a transcript of 2017 closed-door meeting with former president of Trump, Roger Stone, in Muller's office.

A Grand Jury was extended for half a year for the team to help the Federal Russian investigate.

Schiffer said about a special adviser, "Well, it has not been clearly done." There is more work for Grand Jury Now, it is more than a full six-month work or a bit more clear, except that there are other potential charges on which it must be considered. I think there is no purpose for the Grand Jury. "

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