Thursday , May 6 2021

After Cohen's conviction, & # 39; Gaalia & # 39; A & # 39; Unethical & # 39; Break the Mueller Check on Tricks

President TrumpDonald John Trump Trump, agreeing with the 90-day tariff breakdown by expressing progress on Xi trade disputes, the Taliban peace talks are annoyed because the Taliban's peace talks are prevalent. The new NAFTA of Trump moves forward in the climbing war of Congress.Attorney's Rudy Giuliani took the special adviser's target Robert MuellerRobert Swan Mullers: Russia should appreciate the choice of Müller for further investigation of Russia Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, convicted in this week of congressional conviction this week, in an interview on Sunday's interview criticizing the "unethical" tactics known by the prosecutors as "unethical" tricks in the Maul Office.

In an interview with the answer of AM 970, Giuliani accused Mueller that Trump's companions are crossing a line by fearing "bullying", "what he believes [is] Its version of truth "

"He apparently brought a lot of pressure on him. Mr. Cohen has unfortunately had a history of a lot of falsehood in the past," Giuliani said, while replying to Cohen's entry into Thursday, he gave the lie to Congress when he had earlier expanded Russia's President's business dealings in the body.

"This is not a search of truth, it is a witch hunt," Giuliani continued. "What is wrong in independent counsels with these special lawyers? They think they are God."

"They want to deal with people at any cost including moral conduct and people's rights."

The mayor of former New York City, a special attorney, joined Trump's legal team earlier this year to handle the White House's reaction to the investigation, adding that Mueller's proceedings Paul MainfortPaul John Manforth Cohen Trades Trump Trading Trump, Russia and the crowd's text-over-insertion investigation: 'Godfathers' & # 39; Was the Steer Colossion Detection? 'Ambiguity & # 39; between the former Ambassador Obama and Trump's Russia policies. Finds, Chairman of Trump's former campaign, Manfort wanted to force Russia to join Trump with Geuliani.

"She wishes [Paul Manafort] Mr. Manfort says that to give evidence that the president will be involved in some matters, "Giuliani said.

"And they push him and pose a real danger that a man can give false testimony." "This kind of pressure can pose a risk of betrayal."

Mueller's office told a judge on Friday that the lawyer is considering a higher charge for former Trump Aid, who had previously accused the lieators in the week to violate their application agreement.

Manfred "has committed federal crimes by the lie to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the Special Advisor on the subject of various matters," Müller wrote in court filing.

On 7th December, the judge gave Müller's team to explain how Manafortus allegedly violated his application agreement. He is currently undergoing punishment in March.

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