Saturday , January 23 2021

After the full trade of the Reds trade expansion, from the Yanks to the Sony Gray

Yankee has handed over the inaugural Pitcher Sony Gray to Cincinnati Reds, which announced on Monday, the final version of the day-to-the-making deal that ends the granny's top position with New York.

The two sides completed a deal, which reached Reed's agreement with Gray's 29-year-old Gray, who agreed for a $ 30.5 million extension for three years, including $ 2023 for a $ 12 million club option, the deal told ESPN. Gray deal, with $ 7.5 million in salary this season, could be worth 5 years and more than $ 50 million.

New York Dalt Gray and Little Sigmund in the left hand, River Sunmart from Cincinnati for second-base propspector Shade Long and for a high draft pick, then the Center Field Prospect flipped Long to the Seattle Maraners for Josh Stowers.

Gray will rejoin with her college pitching coach Derek Johnson, approaching Nashville's home and bringing the 53% ground ball rate of career to the Great American Ball Park's bandbox.

This deal is a risk to Cincinnati, as it tries to rebuilding and transit from banks on gray after a one and a half year running construction in Bruns. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman announced his intentions to deal with the former All-Star deal after the team's loss of the American League Division Series, and despite having taken more than three months, he found a ready partner in the Reds, who remade this winter Their roster by trade.

After acquiring Washington's starter tenor Rorke, his third important deal is after this, then Homer Bailey's death-money contract and Los Angeles Dodgers for starter Alex Wood, potentially pairing prospective players Jesseal Pug and Meth Camp and Catcher Farmer Cash Farmer.

While Gray was a precious acquisition, Yankee made possible deals for James Caprielion, Dustin Fowler and Jorge Mato in Auckland in the final part of the 2017 trading period. Even after 4-7, despite being systematically pulled down properly, Gray returned with a terrible home-road division in 2018, which made a sharp spike, and in the end, he lost his moving space and did not make the postersen roster of the team. In 15 matches from Yankee Stadium, Graeme scored 78 runs and scored 22 runs in 71 innings, in which Hitter was slashing .226 / .295 / .320 Their number in the Bronx against them was surprising: .318 / .406 / .527, which led to 6.98 URA in 15 games.

Cincinnati believes that there is enough confidence in Gray to ensure Gray's 30-year deal – and the 23-year-old second basman will choose to skip the possibility of a good selection for long periods and tow to the end of the 30th century. The industry is believed to be around $ 10 million. Stover, 21, was the second round outside Louisville's Mariners in 2018, and showed impressive glove and plate discipline in the short-lived Northwest League.

Gray 5.02 Ura: Gray can give the title of a rotation in gray in a better shape than Gray Finish with Gray, Rock, Wood. Luis Castillo and Anthony Dissclafani, are able to get started with Tyler Mehl, Sal Romano and Cody Reid. Although Reds signed the main league free agent during this winter, the added increase by the trade has forced his salary of more than $ 120 million, which will be higher in the franchise. After the 67-95 season, Reds felt close enough to move towards the conflict, including the Lodgie Central League Central, along with three potential playoff teams in Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis, as well as the finished Pittsburgh team. 500 last season.

Gray came in 2013 with Gray Auckland 18 years after the 18th place in the draft from Vanderbilt. It went in the middle of the first round because the teams feared that its 5-foot-10 height would limit its effectiveness. His 93 MPH Sinker and Hammer Curve confirms that this is not the case, and in his second full season in 2015, Gray Singh remained third in the Young Polling and became one of the L.L. Best Pitchers. There was a catastrophe in the 2016 season, which came before Yankees began trading. They believed that it would be more than 2016, and that the Reds San Francisco Giants and only hoped after the outfacing of other people interested in receiving gray.

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