Friday , May 7 2021

Antochoconxpo excited by the steps of Hezonezza

When Bucks returns to Madison Square Garden on Christmas Day, Mario wants to clarify Henzona Jeanis Enteochondampo.

At the beginning of the first quarter of Nike's 136-134 overtime victory, hezonia stole one pass and race at solo fast break. Antostokanampo had overthrown Chrisis Middleton in the past of Hijonia and threw a nice jam.

There were plenty of contacts, but Entecconpo later went to court, but there was no denial. After being assembled by Antichochonpoo, Heszone did not intentionally go to the second part of the court at the foot of Antichoconxo, unlike Allan Evans in the 2001 final.

When asked if he was hurt by the drama, Entecconampo said, "Oh, yes," and he continued to say that he would punish Hezonjane, where he suffered the next time.

Antichoconxpo, which finished with 33 points and 19 rebounds, reacted a bit later and pushed the nux ahead to the Brooks Huddle ahead of Nux Vonleh ahead.

Can continue …

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