Saturday , January 16 2021

Apple will place iTunes on Samsung TV

Samsung's 2018 and 2019 range televisions will be able to access and operate your iTunes Movie and TV Show Library, the company has announced. You can buy and rent content from iTunes directly from the TV. Content will be available through a dedicated app that will only start on Samsung's TV. The TV will also include support for AirPlay 2, Apple's wireless streaming standard.

The iTunes movies and TV Shows app, which will be available in Samsung's 2019 TV as well as its 2018 models (after firmware update), will be available in 100 countries, for the first time it suggests that Apple has allowed third-party devices to access its video library outside. Windows pc However, the company plans to launch the video streaming service later this year, it is likely that we will soon see the app on more devices.

TV will also support AirPlay 2, which will allow content to be streamed from Apple devices.
Image: Samsung

Meanwhile, AirPlay 2 support will be available in 190 countries and will allow content such as videos, photos, music and podcast to stream directly from Apple's device to Samsung's television. The report will be linked to the company's 2019 television by the Google subsidiary.

Eddie Que, Apple Senior Software and Services Senior Vice President Eddie Que said on the announcement, "We hope to bring iTunes and AirPlay 2 experience to more customers around the world by Samsung Smart TVs, so that the iPhone, iPad and Mac users all of them are on the largest screen of their home. Another way to enjoy the favorite content is. "

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