Friday , August 19 2022

ATP Finals: Alexander Suva's Roger Federer beat ball boy flu


Alexander Suarev rower Roger Federer dismissed a shot in the 100th career.

LONDON: Alexander Suarein was unable to apologize for his departure from one of his biggest hits in London.

Roger Federer scored 7-5, 7-6 (5), 7-5 (5) in the first set.

Federer's second set tiebreaker is leading in the lead. Suarez raised a rally at the service point after injuring a ball ball behind Jacob. Surreve was signed after the break and ordered to resume the umpire position.

Before leaving for the end of the match, Suu was given a job as a job.

"I would like to apologize to the situation in the tube break." Suuarev expressed his opposition to his lawyers' interview. "Ball flew out of the ball, so we have rules that need to be repeated at the point.

"I am a bit troubled about the whole situation because I did not want to end it."

Suuve is the youngest player from Germany to come back in the final since 2009. Novak Djokovic will also face Kevin Anderson in 1996 from Germany.

Federer was eager to win the seventh. But the O2 Arena could not withstand the pressure created by the power and strength of Suvarvi.

"He (Savvas) has forgiven me for a net," said Federer. "I'm like that, and you're booing out, you're not going to apologize here … I'd like to congratulate a big tournament in a big match and the finals are better.

Sehwag's first break point in the 12th game is inspiration for shots. Federer is back and back.

In the second set, Federer broke at 4-1. But I continued to continue continuing the sequel.

Federer raised Federer's simpler game when he crossed the Suarev border to take 5-4 lead in a tiebreak.

Federer wrapped up his first 100th title when he won the best of his career.

Federer has won his 20th Grand Slam title in the Australian Open. "There are many positives, so I am excited for the next season."

Though a Grand Slam quarterfin reached the final, it has won three Masters titles – Jovovich, Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. But the victory in the tournament will surpass those achievements.

Nawak is the best player in the world. "Suvarna defeated Round Robin Jokovic." Whatever it is, I'll be ready. "

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