Friday , May 7 2021

Branson says that Virgin Galactic will send people to the place before Christmas

Richard Bains had made bold claims last week that Virgin Galactic will send astronauts to Christmas in space.

The billionaire said they are "very confident" that they are co-co-operating with co-tour, CNN's business can achieve this landmark by the end of the year in the interview on November 30.

"We have a bright group of astronauts who believe 100% literally in this project and give them everything," he said.

The businessman said that the first few passengers in space will be flown with pilots on board by pilots. He added that he would be the first traveler.

Still, many people are ready to earn $ 200,000 to $ 250,000 for the seat of the Virgin Galactic spaceship.

"I do not have permission until then [test pilots] It broke a few times, first, "Brans told business news network." I liked this very much [first] Flight, but [pilots] There are incredibly brave people. "

Of course, this is not the first time that Branson has predicted such a feat, then soon it will fall short.

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Initially, he said that the company's first ship flight will start in 2009, which has returned many times due to technical technical challenges.

Virgin Galactic participates in the race against others like Alon Musk's SpaceX and Jeff Bazos' Blue Origins. Some analysts believe that space economy can eventually be worth $ 1 trillion.

NASA, who has said that some private companies will be crucial for future space exploration, recently, the founder of SpaceX warned Mask that his public drinking and pot usage "does not inspire confidence".

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Brans said, "If you put people in a place, safety is all important." "So any of us will race to be the first."

But, he added, "Virgin Galactic will be the first."

"Alon does extraordinary things. We look forward to doing extraordinary things. Jeff, I'm sure that extraordinary things will happen," Branson said. "Demand for space travel, even if it has satellites, puts people in space, it is too big … So, in the exciting time ahead."

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