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Caboose calls for youtube treatment of "Mortal Combat 11"


When it comes to demagnetization, there are some controversies on YouTube Mortal Combat 11 Contents, and one of the more well-known players is calling for it. Caboose is a gamer and content creator on the platform to fight the games and since then has been expert Mk 11 Outside, it is their primary source of content on the channel. Today, he uploaded a new video showing some of his skills, along with the magical Scorpion costume playing in the Combat League. But the main focus of the video was not on their online gameplay, how YouTube is working on creators who load content for the game.

Calling YouTube for Control Unfair
Credits // Netherlands Studios

You can watch the video here because it is calling YouTube for demonstration Mortal Combat 11 Almost immediately, 24 to 48 hours after the video is uploaded without any reason, the initial video gets monetized after running its course and people move on to something new, so how much of it can be earned. And that's not the only creator.

When it's a terrible situation, this is nothing new because YouTube has been defeating the profitability of gaming content on its platform for two years now. As shown in the cabose video, Game Theory talked about this topic in a very broad area about a week before the game. YouTube was one of the biggest trends on YouTube for a minute on YouTube, but the company was silent on many issues brought to life. We will see that YouTube really decides to answer this (especially because we have sent a few emails about this topic in some years and have not heard about it in some cases yet), or if they remain silent

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