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Californian wildfire: The number of missing falls is 25

Residents comfort each other by viewing the fossils of their homes in Paradise on November 22, 2018Image copyright

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Fire destroyed 18,000 homes and other buildings in Paradise

The number of people missing after California's most dangerous wildfire has dropped to 25, which is more than 1,200 at the height of the disaster.

Boot County County Sheriff's Office placed the number 49 on Friday and the missing number 500 weeks ago. The number of dead in 88 numbers has changed.

Camp Fire destroyed the city of Paradise in the north-east of San Francisco last month.

Some 18,000 garbage collections are being gathered by garbage workers.

The department of bout Sheriff had lifted the arrival orders for several upcoming areas on Sunday.

But it says that Paradise stops in traffic, and warns residents to return to the area that recently due to heavy rains there is a risk of flash floods and mud slides.

Camp fire broke out on November 8 and quickly spread. Residents of paradise and other nearby cities had a few minutes to collect their loved ones and tried to pass through crowded roads.


Black Bear Dinner – Paradise, CA.

8 November 2018

Black Bear Dinner, Paradise CA - November 8, 2018

April 2018

Black Bear Dinner, Paradise CA - April 2018

Officials said that in the following days, the heavy list of missing people was "dynamic" because they had to face emails about a large number of calls, reports and people, which they could not catch.

At the time, some media organizations pointed to irregularities in the county's list. A Paradise resident, who survived the fire and was living in Virginia, did not know that she was on the missing list for the last week.

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The cause of the fire is still being investigated, but Power Pacific Pacific Gas and Electric Company have reported that the high-voltage line near the time of the occurrence of nearby orbiting was badly functioning.

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