Monday , May 29 2023

Child's cries for traveling


A family attendant went to a mile to provide the baby with a domestic plane in Philipan.

Philipine Airlines Flight Attorney Patricia Ornano soon heard the cry of the baby. She approached her and asked if everything was okay.

"Thierry-Eyed, she [the mother] The formula ran away from the milk and said, "The Orlona flew on Tuesday.

Orgo, there is a daughter at home, she does not have any tricks on the plane saying she "pinch in the heart".

"I thought, that's just something I can eat, it's my own milk, so I ate," she wrote.

A coworker raised his mother to baby and said, "I gave birth to a baby," Orgo says. According to Engels, who describes himself as a breeding lawyer.

"I saw the relief in my mother's eyes, and until I slept, I started feeding the baby, and I returned to her seat and my mother thanked me deeply before I left."

Organo said the plane had reached a significant goal. She did not qualify for the cabin crew for evaluation. But she "could help".

"Thank you for giving Mother Milk's gift," she wrote.

Breast milk has many health benefits. According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it reduces some infections and reduces Type 2 diabetes asthma.

But the US Food and Drug Administration checks a child with a doctor before breastfeeding a child from another mother.

Milk of a baby from a woman brings out the child from infections, "some drugs, some drugs, and sometimes the number of notes contained in the drug". FDA website

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