Thursday , January 28 2021

Confirmed case in Vancouver and Portland

Vancouver, Wash. (AP) – Authorities in Washington, Vancouver have confirmed the case of acne in the child while the Oregon Health Authority has confirmed a different itching case in Portland, Oregon.

Clerk County Public Health says people can visit the PeaceHealth Urgent Care – Memorial Visitor in Vancouver on December 31.

The Oregon Health Authority said that a squirrel case was confirmed in the person who spent time in the River Dales and Hood. People in Dallas may have been exposed to Discovery Center or Dec 31, 31, on Fred Mayer.

The people of the Hood can be exposed on December 30 if they were in Duppie Cafe, Goodwill or the entire Sail Brewery early in the afternoon. Those who were at Oregon Health and Science University Emergency Department at 2 am in the morning, they could be exposed.

Officials advise that there are symptoms of acne before visiting the medical office.

Maya symptoms start with fever, cough, flowing nose and red eyes, followed by spots.

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