Monday , August 2 2021

Earth cools down: Scientists have warned about cold winters

Register: FridayThe earth is getting cold, the winter is very cold: NASA has published a frustrating forecast.

Due to the change in the solar cycle processes on the sun, it has closed, due to which, Earth will receive less heat in the coming months.

This winter will be the most serious in the decades. In front of everybody waiting for the record low temperature

Now our planet is slowly cooling down. About said, Martin Malinzak, expert of research center Nancy Langley.

According to him, the atmosphere in the history of mankind can soon be the coldest.

Data was received from the "Cyber" unit, which was launched by NASA to analyze the concentration analysis of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides at three hundred kilometers high. In the process of analyzing an infrared radiation device, the planet's thermal position is capable of determining the thermal position of the most extreme point of the air shell.

Every 11 years the sun shifts to a bare minimum, the completion of this phase is always very cold. The complete cooling can be observed after a few months.

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