Monday , July 26 2021

Eiji Aonuma does not know how to breathe Wild Feats in the Zelda timeline

The most interesting things about the Zelda series Legend is how each game fits into the chronological timeline of the universe. With wild breathing, however, that discussion has become a little more complicated.

The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild – Through the Nintendo Insider, the creator of the series, EG Anamas, essentially said that they have no plans to give a specific answer to how they will fit the timeline. In Zelda encyclopedia with other entries. The main reason is that it is a difficult thing in the first place, and Ennah imagined that imaginative players would be more entertaining to come up with their own answers.

The & # 39; We understood that people were imagining the story we got from the pieces we provided. If we have defined a restricted timeline, then there will be a decisive tale, and it will remove the room for imagination, which is not pleasing.

"We should be able to keep the fun of imagining this world even after the players have finished with the game, so, this time, we decided that we would avoid clarifying. I hope everyone can find their own answer. # 39;

So there you have it Finding a particular placement of the game in the timeline is not exactly necessary for your enjoyment of the game, it is still a pleasure to guess and theorize it.

However, it is good to finally relax the discussion, and Nintendo leaves it to the most devoted fans to come up with their stories for the breathing of the wild.

Zelda legend: Wild breath is now available for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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